AC performance and AC water issues

AC performance and AC water issues

I have a 2016 S75, great car. The AC, though, has never really kept the car comfortable in our Florida summers. I have to set the temp much lower than in my other cars. Also, when I park the car in my garage in the summer evenings, I am greeted with a puddle of water on the floor every morning. Don't get this with my other two gas powered vehicles. | May 28, 2019

The water condensation drips is common on most cars when using AC. The difference is the Tesla's AC can run after you stop the "motor" and can run if you pre-cool the car remotely. The Tesla AC will also come on as soon as you open a door to get in.

On ICE cars, as soon as the motor is off (and often even if in idle) the AC is not running - hence little or no water on the floor.

If this bothers you, just keep the AC off when entering and exiting the garage similar to what ICE cars actually do.

redacted | May 28, 2019

As to the temps, I have noticed both the behavior of the climate control and the necessary comfort set point has changed over time. It also changes on the state of the sun. I'd suggest that, unless it can't keep you comfortable, you set it to your comfort point rather than a desired temperature.

mas | May 28, 2019

Thanks, Tesla Tap. However, I have tried this and it just doesn't work. I actually turn off the AC well before entering the garage, and i still find puddles in the morn. | May 28, 2019

Another thought - Tesla also thermally manages the battery, so it is very possible that even with you turning off the AC before you drive in, the HVAC still runs for a short while to keep the battery cool. I don't see a way to stop that.

djkellems | May 28, 2019

My air conditioning has stopped working. Is this repair only done by Tesla service personnel? Is it possible to have the ac looked at locally (Sturgeon By)? | May 28, 2019

@djkellems - If in warranty - definitely have Tesla deal with it. Out of warranty - I'd still go with Tesla - it's a bit different than ICE AC that most local service deals with, but it just depends on your comfort level with a local non-Tesla service guy or gal working on your car.

Also, as a possible fix - try a reboot. It doesn't solve every problem, but quite a few disappear.

djkellems | May 30, 2019

Does my inoperative A/C keep me from driving 200+ miles to the Highland Park service center ? Is it detrimental to my car?

Anthony J. Parisio | May 31, 2019

Do you have range mode on? It will directly limit the effectiveness of the climate control.

S75RedRidingHood | May 31, 2019

One method I use to check the AC performance is to set the temperature to a specific temperature point (says 70F) on a hot day. Then wait drive around for 10 minutes and look at the app to check the if the blue arrows are up and if the measured temperature shows close to what I set earlier. If it measured 5 degree higher than set number then something is not right; if they are with +/-1 degree then the AC works as spec.

Innkeep | May 31, 2019

@djkellems I would call your SC and ask them to check on the car remotely. Although it is safe to drive the car if the air conditioner isn't working, there's a possibility that there is no battery cooling, and that could be a problem.

The amazing things with these cars is that so much remote diagnostics can be done, and that if you shouldn't be driving the car, the car dash usually gives you a message.