2016 Model S, camera hardware upgrade

2016 Model S, camera hardware upgrade

I had this thought a while ago, which I'm sure someone else would have had already but I haven't been able to find an answer on the web so here it goes!

If I purchase new indicators with built in camera's, would I be able to swap them out for my current non-camera indicators? [2016 Model S does not have indicators with built in cameras]

The spec of the indicator is the same but I do understand that there are 2 connectors required [1xindicator, 1xcamera], which the 2016 model may not have.


GHammer | May 28, 2019


Sonofman | May 29, 2019

You could probably swap indicators but the cameras won't connect to anything so I wouldn't see the point of doing so. | May 29, 2019

With a pre Oct-2016 car, you'd need to add a new wiring harness, the AP processor, more cameras, new ultrasonics and likely many more changes to actually fit and make it work. The Oct-2016 HW2 refresh was a fairly large change.

I vaguely heard Jason Hughes may have done a AP1 to AP2 conversion, using a salvaged AP2 model S. I'd rate it as a massive project for the extreme DIYer. Oh, and you have to get into the software to enable AP2, no small feat in itself for which I expect there are less than a handful of capable people outside of Tesla.

Tesla will not help with any of this either.

akikiki | May 29, 2019

After what Teslatap said, - that's why you've not read on the web about someone doing it.