How to have Iphone X messages appear on screen

How to have Iphone X messages appear on screen

My phone calls come through with no problem but I can't seem to get my messages to appear on the M3 screen. I'm probably doing something wrong. No problem connecting. Is this possible, and if so, how? Thanks

procarl | June 11, 2019

I mean Text messages. thanks

bcb2220 | June 11, 2019

You bought the wrong car for the wrong reason. Lol. It’s not a Apple CarPlay compatible..............

slingshot18 | June 11, 2019

Not possible.

andrewsjra | June 11, 2019

As of now there is no way to see your text on your phone. I wish there was a way to at least hear your messages but that isn’t available either. Perhaps they will allow this in the future. I mean with web browsing, music selection and every other feature controlled off of one screen you’d think adding text messaging wouldn’t be any more distracting than those other features.

tomasrey88 | June 11, 2019

Install the Bite SMS app. Automatically forward all texts to your google voice number. Receive all google voice texts as an email. On the Tesla web browser, access gmail and read your texts on the Tesla browser.

You're welcome.
P.S. If you're wanting to know some other features of the car and can't be bothered with reading the owners' manual, I've made a video owners' manual:

Teslanene | June 11, 2019

My 2008 Ford Edge was able to display text messages from a crappy flip phone, but I never got it do display iPhone messages, it must be a license issue.

tomasrey88 | June 11, 2019

1. go into setting and then notifications. from there go into messages and you should be able to change it automatically open text messages as you receive them.
2. To enable automatic audio texts, simply head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Then, enable “Speak Screen.” From there, you should be able to swipe down from any screen and your device will start reading.

Do these 2 steps and connect your phone by bluetooth to the Tesla car and your car will automatically speak aloud all texts you receive on your iphone.

carlk | June 12, 2019

You should not do that while you're driving. It's the same as text while driving. Just take out your iPhone when the car is in park.

Kary993 | June 12, 2019

My wife's Macan S only makes an alert sound when text messages arrive but will not display them while driving.

hokiegir1 | June 12, 2019

"hey, Siri - read my last text"

At least, it works with ok google on Android.

lbowroom | June 12, 2019

Even in vehicles with Carplay Iphones only allow reading of messages. Apple has not ever allowed messages to be displayed on screen.

jithesh | June 12, 2019

They don't, its not supported by Tesla and I hope they never support it until FSD is legal.
It's a bad idea to look at screen for reading text messages.

@hokiegir1 +1

Joshan | June 12, 2019

As I have said in many other posts. Tesla prodies themselves on Safety and is not going to add a feature to the car that makes it less safe and potentially breaks laws.

thedrisin | June 12, 2019
Effopec | June 12, 2019

Reading a text from the screen isn't what I want, I want text to voice and voice to text, a feature that is available in many other cars. It's the feature that I had on my previous car that I miss the most. And that was without Apple car play, so that is not needed to make it work.

jwitkin | June 12, 2019

As long as your phone can hear you, you can say "Hey Siri, read my text message" and you will hear it over the car system same as a phone call. Works even if your car audio system is off, or set to an audio source other than phone. Just like a phone call, it comes through anyway.

rob | June 12, 2019

duck tape

bradbomb | June 12, 2019

@Effopec You aren't the OP. Everyone is responding to the OP who WANTS the texts to appear on the screen. For you, as @jwitkin said, you should be able to use "Hey Siri" if you have a Hey Siri compatible iPhone or "Ok Google" if you have an Android.

Effopec | June 12, 2019

For hey siri to work the phone needs to be unlocked, so that requires pulling it from my pocket or the phone dock, pointing it at my face and swiping up. A bit more effort than I want while driving.

The system on my 2014 Ford worked well. I just needed to press the voice button and say "read my text messages", then I could press it again and say "text XXX". I believe the car just activated Siri when you did this, but it avoided having to pull the phone out and unlock it. It was very handy and I'm sure it was fairly simple to implement.

bradbomb | June 12, 2019

@Effopec The iPhone does not need to be unlocked to work unless you set it as such in its settings. I have done Hey Siri from across the room, while phone is in my pocket or when it is in the phone cabinet in my Model 3.

lbowroom | June 12, 2019

Sorry Brad, you're only half right at best on that detail. It's true, you can in settings allow Siri to work when locked. So Siri will respond to you. But for Siri to read back a message, it does require an unlock. Also, Siri won't respond in total darkness, block the light sensors and see for yourself.

lbowroom | June 12, 2019

If there are settings to change this behavior, please share.

bradbomb | June 12, 2019

You are correct. I have been doing tests here and the behavior has changed since I last actually used the feature. There are suggestions online in that if you turn notification previews to "Always" in settings, it should work, but I couldn't replicate it.

As for working in darkness, I have used Siri in complete darkness to get a light turned on using HomeKit.

lbowroom | June 12, 2019

In my experience, once the phone is in my pants pocket, Siri can't be activated. When you used it in the dark for homekit, was it charging?

bradbomb | June 12, 2019

Not sure, but I think the pants pocket maybe is making it think its like lying face down on a table. I think the sensor when facing up in a dark room (iPhone X infrared sensor), the phone still will respond to commands. Have to try it tonight when its dark

howard | June 12, 2019

Between work and home I text extensively. Really miss hearing and dictating back via CarPlay. Much better UI.

lbowroom | June 12, 2019

Yes, having carplay is better, but works through "hey Siri, read messages" almost as well after you unlock it. That's what you do, right?

edhchoe | June 12, 2019

"You bought the wrong car for the wrong reason. Lol. It’s not a Apple CarPlay compatible.............."


lbowroom | June 12, 2019

My original point to the op was that no car, even with carplay, will display messages on screen, Apple won't allow it. I believe Android does. Talking to siri direct on the phone is almost the same functionality as carplay, but no, not quite as good.

jithesh | June 13, 2019

I tried this with Siri yesterday. I enabled Siri on my iPhone to listen even when phone is locked. So I locked my iPhone and I just said
Hey Siri, Read the last Text message
Siri read the last text message and asked me if I wanted to reply
I didn't try the reply feature

All this was done while iPhone was locked.

MichaelB00012 | June 13, 2019

I can't speak for Apple because I would never buy an iPhone, but my Android can be set to be unlocked whenever the bluetooth is connected to my car. I'd hate to think Apple doesn't have that same feature, my last couple Android phones have had it...

hokiegir1 | June 13, 2019

@Michael - I mean, Apple people just got Swype to enter text, so.... ;) But yes, mine does the same. And I even have an app that will adjust my media volume (I normally have it off, but it needs to be on to hear the text readouts, obviously) and activate Android Auto on my phone when it connects to my car's bluetooth.

howard | June 13, 2019

edhchoe | June 12, 2019
"You bought the wrong car for the wrong reason. Lol. It’s not a Apple CarPlay compatible.............."

Fine but why is it not as good?

bradbomb | June 13, 2019

@jithesh What iPhone and what version of iOS? Also do you have your notification previews set to always or when unlocked?

jithesh | June 13, 2019


iPhone XR on iOS 12.3.1
General Notification Preview is set to Always for Tesla app, but as 'Only when Unlocked' for some other apps.

lbowroom | June 13, 2019

Thanks, set it to always for messages and now it'll read messages without unlocking

jithesh | June 14, 2019

@lbowroom thanks for pointing me out.. I should have mentioned that Notification Preview is set to Always for Messages App too maybe thats what makes it work

lbowroom | June 14, 2019

Makes sense that if you don't want your messages popping up on the screen without face recognition that you wouldn't want them read aloud either