Display Sun Shade

Display Sun Shade

Developing a ProtoType - The Display Sun Shade ©...
Don't think I've seen any others yet...

sky-pilot | June 13, 2019

Interesting idea, not in blue though :) Keep us posted.

FISHEV | June 13, 2019

Idea being to shade screen for visibility or shade the tablet from sun?

If screen for viz (haven't had that issue yet) a hood or the front side.

If a back of tablet for sun/heat, something reflective with an air gap between it and tablet.

CharleyBC | June 13, 2019

I'm concerned it would obscure the leftmost edge of the screen from the driver's perspective, especially for shorter drivers. (Same logic on the right edge, if you plan to sell in UK, NZ, etc.) Can't tell for sure in this image, though. Maybe flare it a bit.

tbd2001_01 | June 13, 2019

This would be mostly for shading for sun. Depending where you drive, time of day , angle of vehicle on hill/slope sun does come across the screen. This is another 1st prototype cut away image showing the sun glare.

slingshot18 | June 13, 2019

Never not been able to see the screen clearly. Maybe 6’2” people have a good angle.

FISHEV | June 13, 2019

I’ve never gotten glare on the screen but I put the Tesla sun shields up first day I had the car. I’m concerned over the sun and heat on the tablet as I park on the street and the car bakes.

Something on the back of it with an air gap to keep it cool would be valuable.

tbd2001_01 | June 17, 2019