Forum search feature

Forum search feature

Can you please see if you can implement a search feature for the forums? I hate to post duplicate topics. Thanks. | June 19, 2019

Go here for a number of search options:

stephen0118 | June 19, 2019

Thanks, mate.

bronsonw | June 19, 2019

I am having a hard time getting tesla to credit back shopping and extended warranty. they keep telling me that they issued the credits .my credit card says they did not. this has been going on for a long time. Has anyone had this problem with them?

EVRider | June 20, 2019

@bronsonw: Why are you asking in this thread?

backfromkeralatour | July 4, 2019

I was trying to summon my car in to the garage for the first time today, however, after the car appeared to line everything up, it failed to jump the lip.

I've seen a few solutions online, but was curious what others have done.

I'm looking for a more permanent solution, where I don't have to put it up and down everytime. Like, I saw one guy use a piece of crown molding, but putting that in place each time would get old...

Edit: Additional details here. The lip is going from outside to inside. The garage is 1.5 higher than the outside.

Doing some googling, it appears that I'm after a "threshold ramp", however, I'm looking for a 1.5" high by 3" deep ramp. Probably about 10-15" wide if I get two.

The depth allows me to put the ramp. Between the lip and the garage door, and the garage door still hits the ground outside, and not be seen from street

EVRider | July 5, 2019

@backfromkeralatour: See my previous comment. | July 5, 2019

@backfromkeralatour - is likely copy and paste bot. Notice "edit" which can't be done in a post, only thread creation, from where it was copied from. Time to flag. @bronsonw is hard to tell if a bot or not. Doubt we'll see either again in this thread.