Hauling Boards with Hatch Partially Open

Hauling Boards with Hatch Partially Open

I need to haul four 2x6 x 12ft boards about 5 miles, max speed 50mph.
The boards will be laid in between the two front seat backs, leaving roughly 3ft protruding from the back end.
Will the S even run with the hatch tied down and partially open?
No issue of exhaust intrusion, but any other potential issues? | June 23, 2019

Should be no problem. The S will run fine with the hatch open, but you'll get a warning on screen. The trick is where to tie down the hatch - I don't remember anywhere to attach a bungee cord under the car.

You might just squeeze the boards and close the hatch, but likely not. I've carried a bundle of 12 ft conduit inside the car from front corner of the windshield to the opposite rear corner of the trunk. Another way to carry long stuff is to roll down the front passenger window, and have then stick out there. Put a towel down first on the window sill to avoid scratches.

I'd would avoid any placement where the items could shift with a sudden stop into the display.

djlew8 | June 23, 2019

Good call on the display.
Thanks for the quick response.

Earl and Nagin ... | June 23, 2019

Don't forget to tie a red flag to the end to alert others that something is protruding.

NKYTA | June 23, 2019

+1 Earl&N

Somebody read their Drivers License manual.

Or maybe we are just driving. ;-)

nukequazar | June 24, 2019

I would rent a pickup truck. U-Haul does it for $19.95/day which is far less than even the tiniest problem you may encounter using your Tesla to haul 2x6's.

pgkevet | June 24, 2019

I was going to do similar with some 3" x long pipe.. couldn't find a safe way to tie the boot-lid down (used wife's x-trail instead). Even if you anchor the boards at the front they risk flapping at the back. For a one-off a roof-rack wasn't worth it.
Way back in time when police were more 'reasonable' I did once carry a long load resting on a blanket on the roof of the car I owned and tied through back and front windows (and art form in designing your tie-downs so you can get in the drivers door first) - if only using back-roads?

Daisy the Road ... | June 24, 2019

In regards to the original question. The rear latch on our S failed in such a manner that the car thought that it was open all of the time. The result is that all TACC and higher functions are unavailable. Otherwise the car ran fine. Can't remember if the rear camera worked.
Pad and tie down the boards at the front and at the hatch opening and you are good to go. Remember the flag on the end.

steveg1701 | June 24, 2019

@daisy rear camera can't work when it is pointed at the sky ;-)

Pungoteague_Dave | June 24, 2019

We carry 12' and 16' boards and PVC pipe (always 16') in the MS, no issue, avoids firing up the F-350 diesel for light loads. We place the front of the material on the dashboard, don't bother lashing anything down, just use towels over the alcantara dash top and the seat. We have a right seat passenger stabilize the load with their left arm, avoids hitting the windshield. We have a 16-mile run to the supplier, all small 2-lane country roads. The car works fine with the open hatch.

blundell31 | June 24, 2019

I carry long items that protrude. I tie to the loop at the bottom , loosen the screws to the number plate , run a strap behind plate and tighten screws and pull hatch down to whatever you are carrying. w
orks for me.

geo.teepe | June 24, 2019

The lid can be positioned were you want it by holding down on the latch until it beeps, move it and release | June 24, 2019

@geo.teepe - True, but unless you strap it down, it will bounce open when you go over bumps while driving. It only stays in place when parked. An experiment I don't want to try again :)

pgkevet | June 26, 2019

On the twisting country lanes where i live you can't have much hanging out the boot (trunk) and still get around the corners. Meet on-coming trafic and someone has to reverse to find a field entrance to back into, pull in wing-mirrors and inch past each other...

kerryglittle | June 26, 2019

Find a friend with a pick up truck. Probably nothing will happen but you could damage your leather seats or worse a sudden stop could send a board smashing into your display screen. I wouldn't risk it but thats just me.

kerryglittle | June 26, 2019 This is how we haul loads in Canada.

MJP.75D | June 26, 2019

I was going to suggest a roof rack but Kerry’s approach is much better.... | June 26, 2019

@kerryglittle - Proof no one needs a pickup! Nice!

kerryglittle | June 28, 2019

LOL. The guy was finally found and charged and he had his licence suspended already so he should not have even been driving. Nothing like drawing attention to yourself eh? Darwin at its best.

harry pippic | June 28, 2019

@nukequazar. you got it right, $20.00 for a pickup at Home Depot is damn cheap insurance. Shit happens !