Rattling noise under Frunk or Dashboard

Rattling noise under Frunk or Dashboard

I am seeking some help, when I drive above 60 miles I can help some rattling noise from the left corner of my dashboard, I already try to push VIN plate down, I just discover this piece want to ask is this suppose to be very loose?

teddy.tseng | June 24, 2019

dallinjhales | June 24, 2019

I have noticed this as well! We picked ours
up last Wednesday and there is a rattling noise on the freeway on the driver's side somewhere. I'll probably take it in to get it fixed. That's literally the only "problem" with the car. Pretty awesome!!

teddy.tseng | June 24, 2019

Let me know what they fix for you, because my local SC try to push the VIN Plate the noise still there.

Lonestar10_1999 | June 24, 2019

I had a rattle that I couldn’t quite locate. Someone on the forum suggested that the front passenger seat was positioned all the way back and because it was at the end of it’s travel it was rattling. I moved the seat to a more centered position and the rattling stopped. Give it a try.

M3phan | June 24, 2019

Where’s the vin plate located exactly? I have a slight rattle that just started front left of dash.

kenmikel | June 27, 2019

Took my M3 to Service Center. Tech took a ride with me to hear the noise. When I picked up the car later they said it was a loose Tweeter. A week later on a long highway drive sometimes it still rattled and sometime I now hear a rattle in the driver door toward the center post.

phil | June 27, 2019

Just picked up my M3 and I'm also hearing the rattle when on the highway. For me its the driver side and it sounds like its behind me. She needs a bath so I'm going to get up in it tonight and see what I find.

Good to know its not just me :)

phil | June 28, 2019

For me, I think it might be the wheel well liner. There are parts that are lose and could rattle/flap/flutter when at speed. There are holes that don't have any screws and washers to hold the liner to the metal parts of the car.

this is by no means proven and possibly not ever correct. Just my 2 cents. Its not the license plate holder or vanity frame though :-)

garysmigs | June 28, 2019

I have noticed two rattles in my 3. One is the console "door," when open or when I have my elbow "resting" with some pressure near the rear it is gone, so mostly I ride with it open. Second one seems to be coming from right side of dash, but this appears to come and go while console "door" seems to be all the time it is closed.

Pepperidge | June 28, 2019

If the noise stops when you put your hand on the top side of steering column. It feels like the sound came from dash or somewhere higher but it is reflecting by the windshield.
The tweeter (black triangular shape) could be the source.