San Diego service center

San Diego service center

I just got quoted $195/hr for labor at the San Diego SC. Is this normal? It seems excessive to me... I’m considering driving to another location if cheaper. What are the rates in LA/Orange County? Thanks!

wiscy67 | June 24, 2019

What are you having done? I just had several minor fit/finish issues done in San Diego. They had my car for a couple of weeks and supplied a loaner Model S and they didn't charge me anything.

JAD | June 24, 2019

They are not independent dealers, so I would be surprised if there was much rate variation in a region but I have always used SD. Also, $195 is about the going rate for dealer work at nicer dealers in this area. | June 24, 2019

Tesla labor rates in Northern California have been $175 for about 4 years now. They may have gone up recently, so $195 seems reasonable. Other luxury dealers are in the same price range.

RES IPSA | June 24, 2019

I go to the service center in Kearny Mesa now rather than Mira Mesa. Much easier to get to in my opinion

sbeggs | June 24, 2019

Which one is Lee Woolley managing?