How to remove front license plate holder

How to remove front license plate holder

I just received delivery of my new P100DL. It came with an ugly front license plate holder. Any suggestions on how to remove it?

p.c.mcavoy | June 26, 2019

Just google Tesla model s front license plate removal and you'll find a ton of references. Here's one from this forum.

The trickiest part for many is the two screws that mount into the underside that have a tamper-resistant head from. You can get them out with a set of angled needle nose pliers or you can find people that sell a special socket that they 3D solid print. From there it's gentle, constant force to peal off of the bumper. Some will use a mild heat gun to soften the adhesive, others use fishing line to separate the adhesive. Either way, it's not a tough thing to do.

drew | June 26, 2019

I've done it twice its a 15 minute exercise in frustration, but the key is the screws dont need to be cramped down on like a rusted bolt. they actually turn pretty easy, once you get a few turns with the pliers you can almost do them with your fingers.Remove the front three regular screws first and get every quarter turn you can. soon enough they come out, then you can witness the beauty of the front model S nose.