faulty air conditioning

faulty air conditioning

Why after paying over $145,000 for a car does the air conditioning function so poorly.
We took a 5 hour trip to central California today (average temperature range 76 to 102 degrees) and for about 4 hours the air conditioning worked fairly well, but the last hour from Westlake village to home it didn't work hardly at all, I know about how the battery has to be cool, etc. , but it should cycle to at least give some comfort, I wish Elon would put more time into functioning air conditioning rather than farting seats!

jimglas | July 16, 2019

did you make a service appt? | July 16, 2019

@USCRXDR - So you expect Elon to fly out to personally fix the fault in your car? I'm sure that would be effective use of his time. Make a service appointment and have it fixed. I suspect even a $2M Bugatti Chiron has an occasional failure, except the cost to fix things on your Chiron is twenty times that of your Tesla.

USCRXDR | July 16, 2019

I am not asking Elon to come out to fix problem, but I think such things as air conditioning, curb warning signals, true emergency braking, comfortable seats, being able to speak with a local service rather than leaving a message and never getting a reply, etc , all this and more should come before Farting Seats!

USCRXDR | July 16, 2019

I am not asking Elon to come out to fix problem, but I think such things as air conditioning, curb warning signals, true emergency braking, comfortable seats, being able to speak with a local service rather than leaving a message and never getting a reply, etc , all this and more should come before Farting Seats!

mbp11 | July 16, 2019

Reading on line, there was a Model X owner back east who was on vacation and his A/C stopped working, he and his family were sweltering. He made an appointment with a service center but before he made the trip, the technician sent out a software update to his car remotely, that fixed the A/C. Might want to give the service centers a chance. | July 17, 2019

@USCRXDR - Your AC complaint is reasonable, but not sure why you are unwilling to take to service to be fixed. Seat comfort fine for most, but didn't you sit in the car before buying it? A friend hates the seats in her Lexus, but finds the Tesla seats fine. I'm sure there are other that find the Tesla seats bad and another car maker better.

As for curb warning signals, there are none. I'm not aware of any carmaker that has curb warning signals, other than in the 1960s where people installed metal scrapers low on the bumpers.

Not sure what "true emergency braking" is. Tesla gets high marks on it's AEB, but Tesla has never stated it will prevent an accent - just reduce the severity. Similar to all other automakers AEB. Seems like you hate your Tesla and imagine it has features it never has had. Perhaps you might be better off in a less safe car that fits you better and can then complain about all the features it is missing over your Tesla. | July 17, 2019

..prevent an accident. Not sure it prevent accents :)

USCRXDR | July 17, 2019

I do not hate my car, my X is a sigX3XX, I did make an appointment to fix the air conditioning the same day, I never tried the seats since I purchased the car over a year before they came out, and a purchased a 100d S also, but I have had things as the front suspension snap completely(thank god in a parking lot-not on freeway), usual door adjustments, air conditioning problems in the past and when I bring it in, they say everything is fine, it seems like it quits for a while and usually starts again, this last time over a period of nearly 2 hours it did not come on again.
I have always been a big booster for Tesla and even though my son is an executive at Toyota I always show him how far advanced my Teslas are compared to his cars.
As far as the seats, I compared them to Range Rover, Audi, Mercedes, and Lexus I have had in the past, and they fall short on comfort compared to those cars, I guess Tesla is one of the few who make their own seats.
one of my recent problems is that of communication with Tesla service, it was possible in the past to get in touch with local center, now you get a response via e-mail from the web, and I think with all problems coming up , the lack of communication is not what Tesla needs.

CrazyHorse | July 23, 2019

People should not be ridiculed or belittled for expressing their concerns whether you agree or disagree. | July 24, 2019

@USCRXDR - It helps to focus on what your one issue issue is and us owners will try and help and provide advice. If you just want to vent and complain and don't want any solutions, it would help if you state that too, so everyone can just move along.

Agreed, on the seats, there is no perfect seat that works for everyone. That can often be a deal-breaker for some. I haven't noticed any seat comfort difference between when they bought the seats from Recaro and when Tesla started to make them in-house (both fine for me an passengers). My guess is you'd be unhappy with the Recaro seats too as they are very similar. You didn't state the age of your car, so it may even have the Recaro seats. I think Tesla has designed the seats for more spirited drivers, a good middle ground between layzboy style in some of the cars you cite and high-end sports cars. I wouldn't expect much change in the future.

harijpatel | July 24, 2019

I have issue with car AC blowing hot air. Took in for service and after got a call that its fixed. Drove 13 miles and AC went off again. I am tired of small things but this is just way to much. Have less then 13,000 miles on model X. Service really needs to improve. Any feedback?

Don’t need any nasty comments keep it to your self.

jjgunn | July 25, 2019

If you have Range Mode enabled the AC may not work optimally.

Try turning off Range Mode, see if that helps.

If your AC unit is blowing hot air, then make a service appointment. They will fix it & assuming you are under 50k miles still under warranty.

Vawlkus | July 26, 2019

What’s your temperature set to? I’ve had some warm air blowing out briefly when the temp dropped unexpectedly.

lilbean | July 26, 2019

The second row AC isn’t good. | July 26, 2019

@lilbean - I understand some models include two A/C systems and others (5 seat model?) only one. The dual system should improve the second row cooling. Do you have the dual A/C system?

jjgunn | July 26, 2019

@lilbean has 2016 Model X AP1 I believe.

Not certain how many seats.

I have 7-seater HW 2.5 (June 2018) & 2nd row AC works great.

Saxman | July 26, 2019

I've had intermittent A/C for last 2 weeks. I was concerned the issue wouldn't be evident when I drove 120 miles to Littleton, CO SC. I had read that Service Advisors can pull logs ahead of visit to diagnose problem.
Sure enough, Tony at SC told me he did that and a faulty compressor seems to be the issue.

I am constantly amazed at Tesla's technology and how they can best provide service for an excellent customer experience. Naturally I will reserve accolades until I get my A/C fixed to my satisfaction. They cannot even begin to work on it until Monday. Thankfully they gave me a MX P100D to drive back to Vail until mine is fixed.