Face ID with Tesla app on iPhone

Face ID with Tesla app on iPhone

The Tesla mobile app will keep you logged in for a fairly long period of time (not sure how long), but eventually it will ask you to log in again. On iPhones with Face ID (I have the Xs), the Tesla app provides an option to use Face ID to log in, but that’s never worked for me.

After I log in using a password, I go to Settings in the app and enable Face ID (which prompts for the password again). The Face ID option appears to be enabled. However, the next time I’m required to log in, I have to enter a password, and when I go to Settings, Face ID is disabled.

Is this working for anyone else?

PrescottRichard | July 15, 2019

It is working for me.

A while ago (few months) something happened with my keychain where the wrong password was saved for my Tesla account and I was having to re-enter it for all kinds of stuff. Very annoying. You might try changing your password and seeing if that updates properly, then enabling Face ID.

Wish I could offer more help.

oldetownea5 | September 29, 2019

Face ID not setting up- don’t know why

EVRider | September 30, 2019

Still doesn’t work for me.

celsinho | November 26, 2019

Fails to accept my Tesla password to setup face ID. I've entered it correctly several times. Frustrating!
Any solutions out there?