Definitely getting the Model Y, but not rushing towards it - based on my Model 3 experience

Definitely getting the Model Y, but not rushing towards it - based on my Model 3 experience

Looks like a lot of folks are in the same boat as I am. Committed Tesla customers who know they're getting a Y - but the volatility in the Model 3 space is slowing our enthusiasm.

shawncordell | July 16, 2019

My enthusiasm is way up...

vmulla | July 16, 2019

we need you :)

shawncordell | July 16, 2019

I don’t know how not to be excited. I’m enthused... and after I take you for a ride in mine, you will be, too.

vishious911 | July 16, 2019

Same here!

But the display screen sticking out, makes it feel like a $50K taxi/cab (to me). Hoping they'd blend it before the Y is actually in production. Also, maybe larger rearview and sideview mirrors.

mazers | July 17, 2019

My enthusiasm is also way up. Love my Model 3 (had it for a year now, 23k miles) and ordered a Model Y for my wife in March.

hokiegir1 | July 17, 2019

I think we're holding out for the pickup at this point. Then we can get rid of 2 cars (Santa Fe and the F350 dually) *if* it can pull the boat and launch it without issues.

Joshan | July 17, 2019

what volatility? having the top rated and best selling car of the year in its class? The only volatility is on forums and is half faked for stock reasons. It is like Political memes on Facebook. They look like much more than they really are thanks to a small group with an exterior motive.

jimglas | July 17, 2019

The only volatility is an inability to keep up with demand
More FUD

Joshan | July 17, 2019

I swear vmulla is bi-polar.

Magic 8 Ball | July 17, 2019

Long term troll who has gained confidence of many and starts many threads with FUD.

lordmiller | July 17, 2019

@Joshan - His posts are horrible. Volatility? Huh?

gballant4570 | July 17, 2019

Not sure how you would rush toward a Model Y should you be inclined to..... but I am waiting for the pickup. My Model 3 experience makes me wish that Tesla would rush the timeline.

vishious911 | July 17, 2019

@gballant4570: The pickup should be interesting! When I was visiting rural America over the 4th, a lot of folks were pleasantly surprised to hear how easy charging is - wall outlet, washer/dryer ports, RV outlets etc

Sorry to interrupt the circle jerk here, but rushing towards Model 3 had its problems --

* Panel gaps (build got state of the art eventually)
* New seats (Gen 2 are supposed to be a lot better)
* New springs (suspension/ride too rough)
* A new front windshield (something to do with road noise)
* Unavailability of interior white
* Rain water leaking into trunk

PhillyGal | July 17, 2019

I could actually say the exact title of this post and mean it.

Based on my experience buying a first production Model 3 (and not being desperate for a car asap) I will not be rushing for a Y.

Hubs and I will be getting a Y eventually but we'll probably wait until the initial price settles and bugs, if any, are worked out. Oh, and until we decide which Tesla to trade in. It breaks my hear to consider letting go of our firstborn Ellie.

M3phan | July 17, 2019

Maybe I’m in the minority? I’m not drawn to the Y. Was hoping it would look different than it does, essentially a bigger 3. : (

M3phan | July 17, 2019

Ps: a couple of y’all mentioned the pickup...did I hear Elon correctly when he said the pickup would be big, so big that a common pickup could be carried in the bed of his pickup? That’s insane!

Joshan | July 17, 2019

Y is exactly what I need. The kid plays sports and we like to haul things around at times. We need more than just a small passenger car. This is why I still have my Acura RDX.

The model X is kinda out of my price range, so the Y is exactly what I need to go full EV and sell the Acura.

jamespompi | July 17, 2019

Same, mostly because the truck would probably suite my needs better and im probably stuck driving my model 3 for life :)

I think they'll probably streamline all this AP packaging and price it in line with model 3 pricing before anyone gets their cars since the model Y "order" is really more of a reservation.

jjgunn | July 17, 2019


That Tesla Pickup truck will be able to pull 300,000 pounds. No problem on the boat launch.

Probably come in 2 "flavors" 400 mile Range & 500 Mile range.

jjgunn | July 17, 2019


I'm posting this here too. Where's the competition??

I did hear a Jaguar i-Pace commerical on the radio this morning plus saw a billboard pimping it too. Maybe the other auto makers are finally figuring it out after their sales tanked but Tesla's sales are way up.

hokiegir1 | July 17, 2019

@jjgunn -- I've seen the quoted specs, but until it's in production, they can change things. ;) The boat is a 30-footer that the dually struggles with a bit (hubby can explain why -- I don't care to learn -- I get seasick and have no cares about this. LOL!), so it would need to do at least as good if not better....which I expect it will, but like I said....caution is sometimes the better part of valor. ;)

pkmantmc | July 17, 2019

90% sure I'll get the Y. That's why the 3 is leased. When lease expires in 2022, Y should be out for at least a year and all the kinks worked out. Should be perfect timing to buy.

Iwantmy3 | July 17, 2019

I have said on a number of occasions that the only functional drawback of the model 3 is that it isn't an SUV. I look forward to getting a Y to replace my ICE SUV. However, I agree with vmulla, I am not looking to be first in line this time. I will pick one up a few years from now once everything, price included, has settled in. I will be in the market around 2022 or 2023.

wb808 | July 17, 2019

Another reason to not rush to get a Y will be no tax credit expiration worries.

jimglas | July 17, 2019

Despite the newer drivetrain and improved range, I don't think that I will trade my MX for a MY since I have FUSC on the MX

vmulla | July 17, 2019

I should have been more clear.

- in price
- in Autopilot options/pricing

Read and understand - I'm a committed customer, I just don't have the appitite for all the changes going on. I'm just going sit it out until things settle down.

Y is a great Model and a fantastic fit for our family, but as an owner of a 3 I'm not expecting anything new, so no real incentive to rush towards it.

I may come across as being across the board, but I'm not taking sides here. I just have a budget conscious consumer veiw point who values all points of view.

And, I've picked up peices of posts from others and repeated it because it resonates with what I feel.

vmulla | July 17, 2019

I have other experiences that give me pause. But in those things, I'm an outlier - can't really factor what I alone faced into the larger equation.

terminator9 | July 17, 2019

If I get a Model Y, from front they will look like 2 same cars sitting in my driveway :). I do need a SUV though. How about a $1000 option to get a different front like Model S or X! :)

terminator9 | July 17, 2019

If I get a Model Y, from front they will look like 2 same cars sitting in my driveway :). I do need a SUV though. How about a $1000 option to get a different front like Model S or X! :)

vmulla | July 17, 2019

That's the thing, isn't it? For anyone who is in love with the 3 but really needs a bigger vehicle the Y is awesome.
I'm personally in the club that I didn't even know I'd crave the Y as much - the 3 was perfect enough until I absorbed what the Y is.

That being said, for a family on a budget how can we enthusiastically go for the Y when we see all the changes happening with the 3?

I know you're coming from an outward design standpoint, but I'm at a stage where utility outweighs looks - I'll just get a different color to tell them apart.

What would be a real challenge is if someone had an S and 3 - but they really wanted a Y. That would be a really tough spot to be in.

terminator9 | July 17, 2019

I get what you are saying and totally see the price volatility. I was mad about it the first time around but now I am used to it and have learnt from it. Regardless, of what people keep repeating on this forum it is a real thing that is talked about many places outside of this forum. I have gotten the Tesla craze out of my system with 3, the next Tesla I will wait about a year for things to settle down as the car features will likely not be that drastically different. If I had a S or X before, I might have waited a bit longer to get 3 but I need a cool toy and paid the price for it.

Madatgascar | July 17, 2019

I’d like to repeat my Model 3 experience and get the best of both worlds. Get one of the first cars off the line, enjoy it for a few months, have it totaled, and use the insurance $ to buy a brand new Performance version with white interior and all the bugs worked out.

Madatgascar | July 17, 2019

Should be careful what I wish for... it was partly luck that nobody was injured when my 3 bought the farm.

jjgunn | July 17, 2019

The "Tesla craze" will never leave your system.....because the vehicles (all of them) have soul.

I would never pay the price I paid for a Tesla for any other vehicle currently manufactured.

Between 2003 - 2018, I drove 2 cars.

1) 1985 Honda Accord
2) 2008 Toyota Yaris

Yup....that's not being a fanboi. That's called seeing a car company FINALLY make a car that's practical & shows some value with a brand new car.

No other car manufacturer can touch Tesla right now. I sincerely hope that changes in the future because otherwise, Tesla will be a monopoly.

vmulla | July 17, 2019

I've totally been there :)) Except in my case, Tesla totalled my car for me (thank you Tesla) and they gave me an X for almost 9 months to compensate me for my initial lease deposit that they did not have a way of returning to me (it was an insurance mess). Yeah, we need to be careful what we wish for.

But I can see that @terminator9, @Madatgascar, @PhillyGal get what I'm saying - each from a slightly different point of view.

vmulla | July 17, 2019

Absolutely! -- except I don't have the budget buddy. Believe me, I'd have one of each car if I could afford it, but I can't...The Y brings the best of Tesla capabilities.

If someone were to pass the 3 for the Y, I'd get it. Many of us have given up our cars for suvs/minivans, not but we like cars less, but we love our families more.

WantMY | July 18, 2019

It would be top crazy, but Model Y pricing was announced while Model 3 was $5K more and rebate $3750. I could not even imagine the anger folks who pre-ordered Model Y for $49+ would go through when after Tesla fills the pre-orders the price would be dropped $5K. God almighty!

edhchoe | July 18, 2019

I will wait about 5 years.

vmulla | July 18, 2019

edhchoe | July 18, 2019
I will wait about 5 years.

I'm thinking about until they make about 50k Model Ys or until there's about 6 months after. That too IF you're already a Model 3 owner.

It's a fantastic design, and a proven platform. Waiting a year is waiting too much in my opinion.

hherbly | July 18, 2019

I expect most people will opt for the Y instead of the 3 if the price is comparable. and the Y may become the 3 killer.

vmulla | July 18, 2019

hherbly | July 18, 2019
I expect most people will opt for the Y instead of the 3 if the price is comparable. and the Y may become the 3 killer.

EM said it best. He expects the Y sales to beat S3X combined.