Range loss with bikerack and 2 bikes

Range loss with bikerack and 2 bikes

I didnt notice any loss in range which surprised me.

freemarket | July 21, 2019

I’m about to buy a LR X and am curious, how far did you travel with them?
Two bikes on the roof of my S was terrible on range and I had heard it may be equally as bad on the X a few years ago using the tow hitch. I assume the motors are just that much more efficient now to make up for it.

jimglas | July 21, 2019

130 miles to our house in breckenridge.
About 160 miles up and 80 back in range.
no change from the usual that I can see with the tow hitch and bike racks/bikes

bonhari03 | July 21, 2019

We suffered when we had a tandem on the back of our MX75. I found myself charging 30% above what was needed to get to my destination with 10% left. We took the bike to Lake Yahoe, so the climb did not help our range either.

bonhari03 | July 21, 2019

Lake Tahoe

Triggerplz | July 21, 2019

@jimglas and to anyone who may know, what’s the price for Tesla Bike racks? I have a Tesla bike rack that Tesla gave me that’s in a box I never opened

freemarket | July 22, 2019

Do all new Model X Come with the towing package? I don’t see anything listed on the order page

Saxman | July 22, 2019

I have travelled from our homes in Austin & Vail in my MX75D with a Kuat 4 bike rack, back & forth for over 2 years.

Except in severe winter weather I have not noticed appreciable range loss. Usually I have 2 road bike & 2 mtn bikes on the rack.

20854 | July 22, 2019

Towing hitch is standard

jimglas | July 22, 2019

@trigger: I just have a thule hitch rack, dont know about the tesla rack you have

NoMoICE | July 22, 2019

2019 X 100D. 1,400 miles with Hollywood hitch mount bike rack. Tandem and road bike frames only. No appreciable range loss.

Triggerplz | July 22, 2019


gtimbers | July 25, 2019

Bought an X100D Model X in March. Mine came with an integrated hitch/ball assembly which does not allow the use of anything other than a standard trailer mount. The included ball is 1 7/8" which is loose on standard 2" hitches. Apparently it is a running change as my service center had never seen one before. Check this out before you buy to see if you can use any standard items other than a trailer.

The towing abilities of the Model X are acceptable (ie power), but every thing else about the towing experience is subpar compared to any SUV I have used to tow this 2500 lb double jet ski trailer. My past vehicles include a million year old 4Runner, Lexus RX400 (hybrid), Infinity EX35, Lexus GX450, Infinity QX80 and lastly, a Mercedes GLS450. With the exception of maybe the 4Runner, the Tesla is worse than all of the others in pretty much every way. The non-adjustable hitch is too low for a standard 20" ball height. The trailer fishtails a lot due to how close the ball is to the back of the bumper plus the nearness of the rear wheels to the back of the car. The steering becomes very loose and twitchy as though the load leveling function doesn't work correctly. I use low or very low. The range in my X has been poor from the first. It is essentially impossible to get rated range without hypermiling and staying below 65 mph. I had a S85D for 4 years which was much better in this regard.
The X runs at about 50% to 60% of rated with reasonable towing speeds. None of the other cars lost that much range. 30% - 40% off non towing was typical except for the Lexus hybrid which only lost 20%. It, actualy was the best tow car of the bunch, followed by the Merdedes and QX80.

Do not buy an X is you are serious about towing. It stinks! Remember also that you have to remove the trailer to charge usually. There are a few SC facilities that have pull through stalls (like Baker, Ca.) but for the most part it is a pain in the butt and with a usuable range of maybe 120 - 140 miles it is tough to get from SC to SC. For the occasional need for bike and ski racks, assuming you get old receiver attachment, things are OK.

PXChanel | September 11, 2019

Maybe the Semi will fix this issue

Mhill | September 13, 2019

We also have a Model X 100D (LR) and, with a bike and bike rack on the back, supposed range of 325 is actually only about 220.

jimglas | September 15, 2019

@MHil: I suspect it would be the same without the rack and bikes