Where is my 5000 mile supercharging

Where is my 5000 mile supercharging

Just seeing if anyone is having the same issue as me, I have been getting the run around from everyone at Tesla. I purchased a model 3 on May 15 over the phone with a sale person from Buena Park Tesla. While placing the order I made sure he used my friends referral code so we would both get the 5000 miles of supercharging. I picked up the car 3 days later and now its July 23rd and I have still not seen the 5000 miles added to my account and it still has not shown up for my friend. It actually hasn't even shown up that I used his code. As many of you know, getting someone to answer the phone is literally impossible but I called and verified that I used the referral code on 3 occasions, 1 time before i picked up the car and 2 times since because I had not received the code yet. I emailed tesla customer service finally about it last week and they finally responded today with this

"Thank you for your Tesla order and your interest in our Referral Program. Please understand that we do not add codes to existing orders. After reviewing your account, I am not seeing an attached referral code on your order. However, I am happy to explain the details of our Referral Program and how you can still qualify for awards.
To be eligible for referral awards, all orders must be placed through a valid referral link. Each owner's personalized referral link is found in the Loot Box section of an owner's Tesla App or in the home section of the MyTesla account. Each owner can share their link with friends and family, after a vehicle is ordered through your personalized referral link, both you and your referred owner will be eligible to earn Supercharging miles based on the current award benefit and limits of the program.

The Tesla Referral Program strives to provide a fair and equitable process for all owners, for this reason, we do not add any referral codes retroactively. Please understand that future replies to this email will be read but may not be responded to.

Please refer to the details of the Referral Program below."

This is ridiculous, I had verified just last week that the referral code was there , I sent them back a pretty heated email about it and have not heard back from them, I am assuming it may take another 2 weeks. At this point its not even about the miles really, well for my friend it is, he really supercharges a lot, for me I charge at home. Has anyone dealt with this crap, what have you done, any advice?? | July 24, 2019

I'm pretty sure that the guy didn't enter your friend's code. Usually your friend can open his referral link and it will show who has used his code and its status from Ordered to Delivery. Since you have picked up the car, if he see nothing on his end, then it could be that the sale guy typed in someone else's code or never entered it at all. | July 24, 2019

My mistake. Have your friend log into his Tesla account. He should see something similar to mine here.

I actually see 2 in Ordered status before they roll over to Delivered

andy.connor.e | July 24, 2019

Hey man, you bought an EV that doesnt require gas and has a fraction of the maintenance of an ICE vehicle. You're getting screwed.

MrKeg | July 25, 2019

I'm experiencing the same problem. I have documentation and am trying to work this out with Tesla before getting lawyers involved.

BTW: For me, this has nothing to do with money. It is about integrity and the long-term success of EVs in general and Tesla specifically.

jimglas | July 25, 2019

try using a supercharger. Before mine showed up on my acct, I was able to SC for free.
"getting lawyers involved"?, the lawyer will cost you more than the SC is worth.

andy.connor.e | July 25, 2019

Its $241 of supercharging at $0.20 per kWh. For a $40k+ vehicle, i'd say you're screwed.

MrKeg | July 25, 2019

My lawyer is on retainer so I will not incur additional fees. Also, my car cost significantly more than $40K but, as I stated clearly, this isn't about money.

andy.connor.e | July 25, 2019

You're right, this is so personal you must sue the company. Let us know how it goes

jimglas | July 25, 2019

I think he should sue Elon personally with his lawyer on retainer. The horror!

ricoant | July 25, 2019

I posted the same exact thing. I am in San Diego and this was the same email I received from the "Referral Program". Neither my friend or myself is showing anything about the 5K SC miles being added to our accounts. Apparently the SD advisors are telling us that there was a glitch in their computer sys, so they sent in an Excel spreadsheet of all those who ordered during that time period. The Regional Mgrs supposedly denied the requests.

If anyone has any incite on how we should proceed, please advise.

etasinga | July 26, 2019

This is for andy.connor.e,

For the people thinking it is about the money, that I am not really getting screwed cause charging is so cheap, I wrote the post out of frustration. I just spent 63,000 on a car and I can't get the damn company to pick up the phone at a dealership when I call, I always get transferred from department to department ending up with me getting a message to check online for my answer. ITS RIDICULOUS. I don't need to supercharge, I charge at home but my friend would actually really like those miles, he superchargers all the time. What if this was a previous referral program and I was missing out on items like a free wall charger or rims because of the companies incompetence. For the amount of money we paid for these cars they should treat us better , hell as a company no matter what we pay they should treat their customers better. I would probably get better customer service from Toyota if I bought a corolla.

By the way, I am a lawyer hahahaha

NKYTA | July 26, 2019

@etasinga, for a lawyer you are remarkably dense. Hint: Tesla Motors doesn’t have stealerships.

MrKeg | July 28, 2019

I got the following response from my contact at the Tesla dealership near me:

Apologies for the delay on a concrete update about the referral code. I got an update from my manager on this. The manual process for post-delivery referral codes takes some time. We have you on the list of retroactive 5k supercharging miles and are waiting on word back from corporate on the expected time for this to activate. My apologies I did not foresee this taking as long as it has, but we will get this added.

Just an update for those experiencing similar problems. I won't respond to the trolls on this thread.

rxlawdude | July 28, 2019

@NKYTA, 1% of us lawyers spend inordinate time and energy apologizing for the other 99%. (Proportions approximate.) :-)

rhj | July 28, 2019

Unless you opted out within 30 days of delivery.
Binding Arbitration.
And after 40-100 hours of time, Expense, and antacids you will get your $60 to $200 plus dollars of electricity.
That expires in six months
I know it’s the Principle of the Thing, said Sisyphus

NKYTA | July 28, 2019



andy.connor.e | July 29, 2019


Let us know how the trial goes.

etasinga | July 29, 2019

@andy.connor.e who said i was taking this to trial, I just made the comment because of the previous commenter talked about having a lawyer on retainer. Get your head out of your ass, I simply made this post to see if I was the only one frustrated with tesla and this 5,000 miles of supercharging. Looks like I am not the only one. I love the car but this company needs an overhaul.

andy.connor.e | July 30, 2019

Now that my head has been removed from my anus, im glad that you feel better knowing others are also in a state of RRRREEEEEEEEEEEE

raqball | July 30, 2019

etasinga | July 29, 2019

Every thread gets derailed with the same nonsense if anything bad is said about Tesla.. I'd encourage you to send an email to with a link to the offending comments and a screenshot of them as well..

I am in a similar boat but have only been waiting 5 weeks for my free miles.. I was told at purchase it would take 2 weeks. Not a big deal either way but I'd like to get what I was promised. I have not attempted to navigate Tesla referral support system yet but it sounds like a waste of time...

Good luck!

andy.connor.e | July 30, 2019

Have you tried going to a physical store to resolve it?

Xerogas | July 30, 2019

@etasinga: hyperbole begets hyperbole. Remove “Tesla is screwing me” from your title, ask a genuine question about how to resolve issues, and the forum will leap to your aid.

andy.connor.e | July 30, 2019

+1000 @Xerogas

What kind of answers do you expect with a title like that.

etasinga | August 2, 2019

@xerogas @andy.connor.e noted and done and I apologize for my comment.... I have gone into the dealer where I purchased the car they refuse to even speak to me on the issue and direct me to the customer service number, I have tried calling the sales associate I purchased the car with, he does not pick up his phone or return messages, I have gone to my local mall which has a tesla store and I have brought it up with them, they said its a known issue and they have to be entered manually and it would take a few weeks, that was over a month ago. All of these things have led to my frustration, love the car though

vasantpatel | February 28, 2020

I am also in same boat. Two people got car delivered and I can see it under my acct but I don't see any status about my supercharge miles. This is bull#$%^. Tesla no longer have cust svr phone, nor they are responding to my e-mail that I had saved last year. If you call that # you will be in loop and no way you can talk to someone live.

IF tesla is watching this thread they need to resolve this 3 months old issue. This is showing no loyalty to their existing customer. Local svc center will not give you any help to resolve this darn issue.