For the love of all things holy;

For the love of all things holy;

Please, please, 1,000 times please, make the bluetooth autoplay feature something we can disable.

I do not always want to hear the first song in my playlist every time I get in my car.

I do not always want to hear the first song in my playlist every time I get in my car.

I do not always want to hear the first song in my playlist every time I get in my car.

Why do I repeat myself? To better share the experience, of course.

I do not always want to hear the first song in my playlist every time I get in my car.


NKYTA | July 27, 2019

There should be a setting on your phone to turn that off.

Q Q | July 27, 2019

For the love of all things holy, can people please:

A) title their posts with a descriptive title?


B) search the forums before posting something that’s been posted many times before?

Thank you.. :)

lochebiz | July 27, 2019

NKYTA) there is no way to disable autoplay on an iPhone.

While the problem itself is pretty simple, Apple does not provide an option to prevent audio from auto-playing when your iPhone connects to a car’s infotainment system.

Q Q) a)I am not obliged to spend time searching the forums in order to prevent your shallow ego from being burdened with repetitive entries.
b) Iwill give my thread any title I goddam well please. [IMG][/IMG]

Bighorn | July 27, 2019

Mine doesn’t play even though it shows on the phone, but I may not be sharing as much. Don’t have calendar active, for instance

EVRider | July 27, 2019

Try selecting a different media source before leaving the car. You can switch back to the phone when you're ready to listen to it.

johncrab | July 27, 2019

I use streaming audio almost all the time but I catch my prone playing away and sucking bandwidth while playing to nowhere. This happens regularly.

thranx | July 27, 2019

Same problem here. And if I switch from USB to, say, streaming audio, it starts playing the last indicated station.

I'm afraid of wearing out the Mute control on the steering wheel. The issue isn't's just irritating.

NKYTA | July 27, 2019

My iPhone is paired and Bluetooth is active, but no auto play here. I mostly listen to Slacker unless I’m in a dead celll zone on one of road trips.

NKYTA | July 27, 2019

And Slacker doesn’t auto start either.

lilbean | July 27, 2019


Stiction | July 28, 2019


Ohmster | July 28, 2019

iPhone. iOS 13. No Autoplay. There is a setting for this.

However. “I am not obliged to spend time searching the settings” for you but will try and post on one of the other threads on this topic. :)

Ah, grumpy Sunday’s,,,,,

PrescottRichard | July 28, 2019

This doesn’t happen to me either with iOS, iPhone X, 90D, calendar synced et al.

UNLESS- when I’ve been listening to a podcast on my phone and leave the car. Then, when I return it picks up from where I left off. So I haven’t tried this with music. FWIW I don’t mind that happening but I can see where it would be annoying if I were listening to music and it would play the first song in the playlist each time upon entering the car vs pick up where it left off.

Perhaps Ohmster will find you a solution after a couple cups of coffee.

booshtukka | July 28, 2019

It happens for me, regardless of if Phone is selected as a source and regardless of my previous play state. I.e. if my phone wasn’t playing anything and I was listening to the radio, and I leave my car and get back in, my phone will be playing. This is clearly Tesla requesting play on Bluetooth connection, not the phone.

I agree though that I hate a forum post with a nondescriptive name.

Anthony J. Parisio | July 29, 2019

I don’t understand. My phone doesn’t do that. It shows on the screen that it is ready to play. However my car plays the last medium it was playing.

booshtukka | July 29, 2019

@Anthony - what sort of phone do you have? My car plays the radio out loud, but it has also started the phone playing in the background. So if I was listening to a podcast for example, the whole podcast would play and lose my place, even though I'm not listening to it! | July 29, 2019

Many android apps offer a setting autoplay or not on connection. Doubt anyone will switch from iPhone to Android, but perhaps one could complain to Apple.