Free Unlimited Supercharging Removed Without Notice or Consent?

Free Unlimited Supercharging Removed Without Notice or Consent?

Curious if any Model X owners have experienced this as well? Tesla seems to be removing the free supercharging feature from pre-2017 vehicles. It has always been clearly stated that this feature was for the "life of the vehicle" and would "transfer to next owner" but now some of those next owners are having it wiped from their account.

wayneco | August 11, 2019

Sounds like a legit class action lawsuit.

Uncle Paul | August 12, 2019

Free Supercharging for life is still transferable for those doing private sales.

Tesla may decide to delete this on cars that they own, prior to resale. They have every right to do this on cars they own.

They can also enable full self driving, expand software limited battery range, and other software enabled features of the cars, once they own them.

sschaem | August 12, 2019

Tesla seem to have some weird management issues that is causing a LOT of angst, most often for no good reason / benefit to Tesla.

The supercharging feature was part of the production cost and value of the car at time of purchase.
Tesla could have controlled the abuser by having a "lifetime, 1000 miles a year per car" vs "unlimited free lifetime"

It would have satisfied the great majority of buyers, and Tesla could have offered this as a perk for getting FSD for example.

Also the non transferable scheme that was done is actually slowing upgrades, as now you lose value when upgrading.
Tesla is really telling people "Dont buy a new Tesla, because we will downgrade your account"