What Is Your California DMV Registration Renew Fees??

What Is Your California DMV Registration Renew Fees??

Just got my Model 3 2018 DMV registration new bill. I was a little sticker shocked. It was $615 total for it. It breaks down to about $51.25 per month. Before with my 2003 Toyota Corolla it was under $300 or my wife 2014 Honda Odyssey Van it was only like $385. This seem a bit high what do you guys think for folks who lives in California and own any types of EV?

I understand they need to make up for the loss of gas taxes. Here in CA I guess it about $1.15 per gallon plus 2.23% sale tax (

"California 47.7 67.0[10] Gasoline subject to 2.25% sales tax. Diesel subject to 9.25% sales tax."

So just tries to figure out just the tax part is about $1.15 tax per gal x 20 gal avg. gas tank = $23 plus 2.23% sale tax is about what $25 per a full refill tank. Depend on your driving if you refill once per week, twice per month or so on. If the Model 3 LR get about 320 Miles that is about one refill of ICE gas per week depend how you drive or commute.

So for a rough estimate it would be about $25 tax from CA/FED per ICE gas tank refill each time and DMV charge me $51.25 for my EV seems okay I guess? I would have to charge twice full to equal the same fee.

I understand DMV and especially here in California and SoCal our roads and highways are in very poor shapes but it seem this high fee can slow our EV movement and discourage new EV consumer. What do you think and how is your DMV renew fee on your EV?


lbowroom | August 7, 2019

As far as I know, that has nothing to do with being an EV. It's based solely on the value of your vehicle. Your 2003 Corolla is worth far less than your new luxury car. If you bought a similarly priced ICE, your fee would be the same.

jvcesare | August 7, 2019

Mine was $590. It's partially based on county where you live and the value of the vehicle. Since this is a new car, you pay much more because it's an expensive vehicle. Also, part of the the fee not based on value went up a lot on all cars.

Part of the registration fee is actually a personal property tax on the value of the vehicle (which may be deductible).
You'll see a number near the bottom prefixed by an "L"
For example mine is L0307. $307 is the amount I paid based on the value of the vehicle. If you itemize, you may be able to deduct it on your federal tax return as a personal property tax (tax laws changed last year so I'm not 100% sure if this is the case anymore).

yqduan | August 7, 2019

$480 is mine SR+

dmastro | August 7, 2019

@lbowroom @ jvceasre: +1

California EV-specific fee isn't scheduled to kick in until next year.

lbowroom | August 7, 2019

$627 Performance

$236 registration fee
$381 License Fee (May be a tax deduction)
$10 County/District fee

Quinten | August 7, 2019

@dmastro thanks for the info. I need to go home and check how the fees are broken down.

The_Flash | August 7, 2019

@OP That’s about the right amount of fee. I have similar fee.
I also have an MDX for which the fee is around same as well. That’s just California. :p

Quinten | August 7, 2019

@ The_Flash,

Thanks for your confirmed it too. I guess it is right... as I never own anything this expensive in my life for a car.

Alanant | August 7, 2019

Our M3P+'s California registration is $705.

rxlawdude | August 7, 2019

For anyone with a mortgage and California property taxes > $10K and California income taxes, you can thank the GOP for your getting your pooch screwed on your federal income taxes.

globalMan | August 7, 2019

AWD LR - $618.

sheldon.mike1010 | August 7, 2019

Performance 2018 just renewed in Orange County, CA $712.00

dmastro | August 7, 2019

BTW - Just received my LR AWD renewal in the mail and it's $590.

mrburke | August 7, 2019

Highway robbery ! (pun intended)

mingoglia | August 7, 2019

I think I'll keep mine registered in AZ. Cost me a couple hundred bucks for 5 years. AZ rips you off on ICE vehicles, but it charges virtually nothing for alternative fuel.

MalibuRed | August 7, 2019

700+ California here too so it’s the good old state and next year an extra EV $100+ will be added to the fee. Time to get Arnold back in office to roll these crazy fees away.. ha

CaliforniaMaki808 | August 7, 2019

CA registration is $569 for me.

apodbdrs | August 7, 2019

Some guy, on a different post, said his was $900 plus in Nevada, so CA is cheap. Ha! Ha!

jestrada3 | January 8, 2020

First renewal for me on a M3 LR AWD and it was $640 with a customized plate fee of $40 included. This is in Ventura County.

1LuckyGuy | January 8, 2020

Texas is like 50 bucks. God damn this communist state.

Mikael13 | January 8, 2020

$594 according to docs when I bought the car last March 2019. Just got my 1st renewal and it’s $571. Model 3 AWD, Northern CA (Placer county)

mrburke | January 8, 2020

If you remember the movie "Used Cars". Too F&%!ing high !

rob | January 9, 2020

Just got mine. $51.75 registration fee. Same as my son's 2008 Honda Accord

Kary993 | January 9, 2020

I just renewed mine, $758......sadly......

lbowroom | January 9, 2020

"Texas is like 50 bucks."

Isn't Texas like 3% on property tax whereas California is 1%?

rsingh05 | January 9, 2020

@lbowroom - unfortunately that would still make CA property taxes higher! Home prices in the Bay Area are easily 5x those of comparable homes in Austin/Dallas.

nunyabiz | January 9, 2020

Texas Property Tax rate is about 2%. But we have no income tax, so have to pay for the schools and government somehow.

wiscy67 | January 12, 2020

$489 for 2019 SR+ in CA. Not bad.

Pg3ibew | January 13, 2020

Help out a NYer here.
The CA registration fees are based how?
Do EVs pay more than ICE cars? To make up the gasoline taxes?
Does the VALUE of the vehicle play into the equation?
I assume personalized plates play a factor? They do in NY.
In NY, tax on the price of the vehicle is paid once. When you buy. Do taxes have any sway in Reg. prices in CA?

Scrannel | January 13, 2020

Tax in CA is a "road tax", that is, you pay for the privilege of driving your car. It is not a sales tax per se. It was designed, of course, to make the car "taxable" over and over. Thus when I was buying and selling high end Italian cars, not as a dealer, I would register my cars "title-only". A perfectly legal though little known form of registration that exempted one from paying "road tax". That is, any tax. Technically, then, you could never drive the car (as tax would immediately become due). But another, little known loop-hole, called a "one trip permit" allows you to drive a car from point A to point B (and all points in between) w/o registration. Those permits used to be $2 each at the DMV and I would buy them a dozen at a time. I do believe there is a "non-gasoline car" tax of some kind, but not sure the amount.

Pg3ibew | January 13, 2020

@Scrannel, wouldn't the road tax be the same for all cars???

I understand all the other stuff in between.

But at the end, you mention NON GAS cars, but you arent sure.

I would ASSUME the road tax is different than the non gas tax. But the road tax confuses me. I will make an assumption that road tax means taxed on miles driven. Again, I will assume they can not tax you on future miles, because they have no idea how many miles you will drive. So, I am assuming it is based on PAST mileage.
But, then again, I will assume here. Dont gasoline taxes go to pay for roads? And if that is the case, I could see a NON GAS tax for EVs. To a degree.

Basically, your statement just made things a bit more confusing to me.

bddaughe | January 13, 2020

$0 as I happily don't live in California

billroger | January 13, 2020

Calfornia Registration is $614 when I purchased the car, and shown on delivery invoice. So I expect about the same or lower coming October 2020. It is high. Did not realize how high until you pointed it out.

Scrannel | January 13, 2020

The road tax is still based on sale price of the car. In other words, they want to keep collecting sales tax over and over (every time car is sold), so it can't be a new vehicle tax, it has to be called a road tax. Because it's a road tax, however, they can't tax you if you do not register the car. Even if you buy it.