M3’s are everywhere!

M3’s are everywhere!

Took this photo yesterday while at a traffic light here in S FL. Pretty cool.

SamO | September 4, 2019

Teslas are located where people are located. Didn't see a lot in Wyoming? Of course not. Compared to 6 lanes of traffic in each direction on any freeway in California, where you are going to pass tens of thousands of cars in any 30-minute commute.

When I drove through Wyoming in May, I went 20 minutes without seeing another passenger car. There were times when I would drive an hour and not see anything other than big rigs and pickup trucks.

It has less than 600,000 residents in the entire state.

Bighorn | September 4, 2019

There were a couple M3s at the Home Depot in Wyoming the other day.

SamO | September 4, 2019

Rose v shit glasses ;-)

GHRTesla | September 4, 2019

Hardly any in the UK so far. I'm lucky to be one of the early buyers and have so far only seen one (another White one) apart from at Superchargers. We may have had to start late, but we'll try to catch up!

SanmanModel3 | September 4, 2019

Picking up my Model 3 AWD LONG RANGE on Friday 9/6....the dealership I bought from is selling 200 M3s per month....this is huge !

radean84 | September 4, 2019

LOTS of Model 3s in Northern California. Mostly white and black, a few blue, very few red. I don't think I've seen the dark grey color more than once or twice.

Switchmon | September 4, 2019

As stated earlier, SoCal is full of M3s and all sorts of other Tesla models. I live a mile from a SuperCharger and it's 50% full every time I drive by it - it's in a Target shopping center, so it's very convenient. Across the aisle is the other EV charging stations and it doesn't look quit as sexy as the Tesla row.

Other EVs are not even close to the number of Teslas on the road. If only my insurance company would also view this as a "common" car instead of their ridiculous exotic designation.

amusee12 | September 15, 2019
elecfan2 | September 15, 2019

I hardly ever see a Tesla in my area of Western Pennsylvania.

Tesla2018 | September 15, 2019

Just drove from Nj to Fl and only saw two of them. The supercharger in St Augustine had all empty stalls.