Near collision and car did nothing to avoid

Near collision and car did nothing to avoid

So driving to work today and this happened:

Anyone familiar with Pasadena Calif will recognize this area as the 210 E transition to the 210 E / 134 where the right 2 lanes keep you on either of those freeways while the left 2 lanes take you into Pasadena.

On a typical morning I will frequently encounter cars sitting stopped in my lane waiting to illegally cut to the left across the gore point to stay on the 210. When this happens, if I approach a car too quickly from behind, my forward collision warning alarm rings out.

This morning I encountered the opposite where a big rig moved from the 210 lanes into my lane in order to come into town.

As you can see from the video there was a very near collision and I had to brake hard from 70 down to 35 to avoid the collision.

As you can hear from the dashcam video, there was no forward collision warning sounded and the car also took no evasive action such as emergency braking. I did all the work to slow the car.

I was not using EAP at the time.

I guess my question is, why not collision warning though? It constantly goes off for cars that are parked on the side of the road or cars that slow suddenly in front of me. I have it set to "Early". Thinking about it, I have not had it go off since last week when I updated to 32.1. Perhaps something in the update reduced the sensitivity?

triton3 | September 11, 2019

I have 32.1 on medium and it continues to beep on me (most times when I dont need it) and then there are times when it should have but didnt! So no change in behavior since 32.1, erratic as always.

Jiver | September 11, 2019

It looks to me like you were driving alert, paying attention, anticipating what the truck might do, and on the brake very quickly. If you are on the brake then there is no need for Bitchin' Betty to sound the alarm nor is there any need for emergency braking -- you already had it under control. Well done.

RoadDevil | September 11, 2019

I had very similar encounter but a different experience about 3 weeks ago. While on my way to work, a pickup truck on my left , crossed three lanes , including the lane my car was in, in the last few seconds to get off highway on the right. At the time, my car was traveling at speed about 60mph and AP was on, and I was in middle of changing lane to right in preparation for the next exit, so I was checking the right mirror and was not paying attention to the cars on the left, suddenly, I heard a warning sound and my car took a hard braking , then I turned my head to check what had happened and saw a pickup was crossing my lane , about 10-15 feet in front me at a high speed, by time the pickup left my lane, my car slowed down to about 25mph. So in my case, the system worked as designed , and I am quite sure that without the car taking the action on its on, I would have had accident, as I was watching cars on the right lane at the time.

In your case, Could the empty space on the truck trailer caused the EBS system not functioning ?

Lorenzryanc | September 11, 2019

I think if you're on brake, it won't beep at you, just like @Jiver said. I wouldn't panic.

EVRider | September 11, 2019

As others said, once you start to brake, the car won’t try to. Normal behavior.

CST | September 11, 2019

@RoadDevil - that would be no accident - just severe negligence on the other driver's part.

M3phan | September 11, 2019

I have my forward collision warning set to early, and it seems even more sensitive on 32.1

Harvan Hunter | September 12, 2019

I've had my car beep at me and put up collision warnings even when I'm on the brake. My guess is that it will still warn you if it thinks you're not slowing down fast enough, but it should definitely be taking your braking into consideration.

I ended up setting my warning to Late because, lately, the system has tended to sound the alarm on cars that are actively moving away from me (either accelerating or, more often, turning out of my lane), and I've had it alert on a totally empty (and straight) road a few times as well. Of course I'd prefer it to go off when there is no threat than to completely ignore a real threat. But I'm still concerned about those false alarms.