Dashcam Questions

Dashcam Questions

Hi All,
Couple questions regarding the dashcam feaure: 1) If there's an event you want to record, do you tap the dashcam icon a) 15 secs after b) 30 secs after c) 1 min after. It seems like doing it a few secs after misses the footage I want. What do you recommend?
2) the manual states
"SAVED. Tap the dashcam icon,
when recording, to archive the
most recent ten minutes of video.
The video files are saved on the
flash drive with a unique
timestamp. These saved video
recordings are not overwritten by
new recordings."
Is this one ten minute video file for each camera? Or is it ten one minute files for each camera? I ask these questions because for me it seems like most of my saved files are only 1 minute long.

CharleyBC | September 12, 2019

The files are one minute long, but you'll get ten of them. I think... | September 12, 2019

All video files are 1 minute long. When it saves "10 minutes" of video, it copies 30 1 minute files (from 3 cameras). Now when you tap to save, it copies the 30 files at that instant. The problem can be it is still writing the last 1-minute files and those are not included. So to ensure you get the last 10 minutes, wait one minute. Now if you wait 30 seconds, 50% of the time you'll get video from 30 seconds ago, but 50% of the time you will not. Just depends when you select to save, and where it is in writing the last 1 minute of video. | September 12, 2019

Sorry - I was wrong on "copies". It always moves the files from the one folder to the other, which is a much quicker operation. No copies are made.

M3oneLuv | September 12, 2019

Thanks for the responses.
@Teslatap I've been reading your write-up on USB drives and sd card recommendations and appreciate you taking the time to write that up. It's been working great so far.

gmr6415 | September 12, 2019

I don't know if it still does it, but if you watch the red dot in the dash cam icon it briefly pulses every minute. I always assumed that was sort of like the "one minute timer". If it still does it wait until you see a pulse then tap the icon.

I haven't looked in a long time though.

jamilworm | September 12, 2019

I try to wait a couple minutes after an incident before saving just to be extra safe.