Are updates cumulative?

Are updates cumulative?

Got my dual motor long range last week with 2019.15.108. When I get an update notice will it include everything between what I have and the latest? Also, do I need to be on WiFi to receive notification of an available update? Thanks.

Thrillion | September 12, 2019

Not 100% sure Tesla can jump straight to 2019.32 but yes I believe if you receive 2019.32 you will have all the latest.

colchamiro | September 12, 2019

Thanks, Thrillion | September 12, 2019

Others got it right, but Tesla is now using a sophisticated updating system. There are over 50 processors in the car, and it only sends the updated needed for specific items. Rarely (never?) does the entire car's software get updated, as it's not necessary. When an update is complete, you'll have the latest. This technique dramatically reduces the amount of data required and also speeds the update process, as it's unnecessary to update a processors's software if it is already up-to-date.

colchamiro | September 12, 2019

Thanks, TeslaTap! What about my other question, do I need to be on WiFi to get notification of an available update? Thanks

EVRider | September 12, 2019

@colchamiro: I thought I answered your question about WiFi in another thread, but maybe that was someone else. Since your car has Premium Connectivity, your car will download updates even without WiFi, but being on WiFi greatly improves your chances of getting updates sooner. | September 12, 2019

I'll add to that, in Controls -> Software, there is a setting to get updates sooner. You may want to enable that.

colchamiro | September 12, 2019

Thanks, EVRider & TeslaTap!

kelder | September 12, 2019

FWIW, based on things I've read in various places, it seems like new cars don't get the updates right away. This is not an absolute but seems to be fairly consistent.

I've been in my M3 SR+ for three weeks today and I am still on 2019.15.107.