Rear door does not open/work

Rear door does not open/work

The handle comes out, but wont pull and open.
Works fine from the inside.

Stopped by local service facility and they said it must be a micro switch. Offered to check if they have the part and might take 60-90 minutes if want to wait. But the guy said "just use schedule service from cell phone app and they will do it via mobile service while wife is at work"
I gave him my phone and the mobile app doesn't show schedule service anymore. He was surprised. I told him it is a common complaint now-a-days (via what I learn on this forum)

He set it up via his computer there.

Couple days later wife gets a text to say they have a service ticket for her and she should confirm it via the "schedule service app on phone". She texts back a screen shot there is no choice for that on the app. They were surprised and asked that she uninstall and reinstall-->nope, no luck.

You would think the employees would be up to date on what their app is and isn't.

But she has it set up for a visit while she is at work next Monday. The advised she is out of warranty and it will be $212.

That is all


Tesltoronto | September 14, 2019

I have the same problem - now for the second time. Will have to take it to the service station. Not sure if the extended warranty I purchased covers this.

NKYTA | September 14, 2019

Mobile service techs can do this. No need to bog down the SvCs.

Mathew98 | September 14, 2019

@Tesltoronto - It's covered under extended warranty, but it'll still cost $200 for the deductible. Better have them do multiple fixes + recall items while they are at it...

erestoradvisory | September 15, 2019

On August 21, my driver door handle had the same problem. A couple of days later a software update downloaded and for some reason the problem was fixed. Then a week or so after I parked to go to a Chipotle but forgot something inside the car and went to open the car door just as the handles were retracting apparently causing the driver's side handle to lock up again. I set up an appointment for the 10th of September but another software update downloaded the first week of September and the next morning the handle was working fine again. I kept my appointment with the mobile service on the 10th and my great service guy also told me it was a microswitch but could not explain why the software updates my clear the issue. He did mention it was a known problem. I know it's a kind of weird experience and just wanted to share. Cheers.

Anthony J. Parisio | September 16, 2019

So does being out of warranty cause “Schedule Service” to disappear from the app?

Bighorn | September 16, 2019

No—it’s a glitch.

CooHead | September 17, 2019

Update my thread here.
Mobile service did stop by her place of work, got the fob and fixed the door NP.
So that was painless other than the cost. But door handles break on all cars. Most don't come to your work to fix them.