API Feature request: door window status.

API Feature request: door window status.

Tesla API "Door window status" seemed so basic that I just assumed it would be available in the API. From my research it is not available. I am only looking for status not control.

Background: My right rear window was down during a recent rainstorm, I got very lucky and was parked next to the overhang of a building so that minimal water entered the car (it could have been much worse). I have automated much of my charging schedule using the "Tasker" app and "Tasker plugin for Tesla" as well as a nightly "is it locked?"/"is it plugged in?" check. My plan was to issue an alert during my nightly automated status/lock check if the door windows were not rolled all the way up.

Am I missing something, or some key piece of logic as to why it is not present?
How would I go about suggesting this as a feature?

EVRider | September 17, 2019

Tesla has no need for this API for their mobile app, so there’s no reason to expect them to implement it. It’s not clear the car even has sensors to detect the exact window position, but it might.

PrescottRichard | September 17, 2019

IIRC TelsTap or maybe BigHorn mentioned that a triple click on the fob used to roll windows down, or up but that feature was disabled due to people accidentally rolling them down as they walked away. Instead of butt dialing, butt window-rolling-down.

So *maybe* there’s something there for at least being able to hit the up / down buttons from a distance even if there isn’t something to give status of how much up/down a window is at the moment.

I wouldn’t mind being able to roll ‘em up or down from the app, and with the sunroof option being gone a vent equivalent would be nice for new owners. Just do it from the app instead of the fob :)

chlore | September 17, 2019

I can imagine why the ability to remotely activate the windows is not present:
unattended dog mode + not line of site remote window down = escaped dog,
or same criteria window up... (rather not go there).

A status of a 1 = "fully up" or 0 = "any of them even slightly open at all" would be sufficient to trigger a user alert suggesting one check on the car/dog. (a per door or even % open would not be required... just a "are we good?" flag; if so go back to sleep, don't risk a night exploit to check on the car, etc...)

PrescottRichard | September 17, 2019

While were at it- App notification of an open door for more than say, 3 minutes? I’ve seen a not-quite-closed door or two on Ss in parking lots. Almost done it myself.

Lucky Xs don’t have this issue I guess.

chlore | September 17, 2019

Yes I have done that. I have effectively heated the entire garage all night due to someone in my family leaving a door ajar (I suspect the same one who did the window...). Fortunately it was plugged in, but it was not my most efficient use of power. My previous ICE vehicles would have required a jumpstart. I probably would have had a few days on the Tesla before I ran into any real issues.

EVRider | September 18, 2019

@PrescottRichard: Yes, long ago the Model S key fob could control the windows, but the key fob doesn’t use the Tesla API so there’s no reason to assume the API needs to support this feature.

chlore | September 18, 2019

All I am saying that I have a pretty strong "user story" that balances user safety and convienance that appears trivial when compared with say "Summon" or "Sentry mode". Like when you are in the grocery store and suddenly hear the bottom dropping out of the clouds and you think "Are my windows up?"

EVRider | September 18, 2019

@chlore: Plenty of people would like to see that feature, but your original question was why the API doesn't support it, and that's been answered. Tesla isn't going to change the API for features they don't intend to implement in their mobile app.

jim.musial | January 28, 2020

Am I missing something, as I see this as readily available in the API. In the vehincle_state section of the vehicle_data API command, the fd_window, fp_window, rd_window, and rp_window have values that I've seen of 0 for closed, 1 for vented, and 2 for open.