Spotify vs Slacker

Spotify vs Slacker

Is the sound quality noticeably better on Spotify vs Slacker?

LostInTx | September 30, 2019

My ears tell me Spotify is a bit better.

My hands and eyes still struggle with the Spotify interface, which is convoluted when compared to Slacker. Unless I've missed something, the "Play Doobie Brothers" command that results in music on Slacker gives me a series of options requiring manual selection on Spotify. Maybe a learning curve.. hopefully so.

cybergrafx | September 30, 2019

The sound quality only differs in the free software, The Plus and Premium users both get 320Kbps.
The big difference is in the quantity of music. Spotify has more than 40 million of music tracks, Slacker has 13 Million.

vishious911 | September 30, 2019

Spotify has beautiful app support on both desktop/laptop AND mobile. Hopefully you can create playlists there and access from within the app on Tesla.

(I don't have V10 yet, but can circle back here once I have Spotify access in my car).

LostInTx | September 30, 2019

@cybergrafx according to Slacker support, the Kbps provided to the Model 3 was capped at 96, regardless of which version of Slacker used. Yes, you can get 320Kbps to your desktop browser or mobile app, but not to the UI in the 3.

If you've read or seen something to substantiate 320Kbps via either Slacker or Spotify to the 3, I'm all ears.

LostInTx | September 30, 2019

@vishious911 thanks - I have V10 on the Model 3 and yes, I can create playlists with my premium version of Spotify. What I was hoping for was voice command control enabling me to say "play Hotel California" and the silly thing plays "Hotel California". From what I can see, that's not happening.

vishious911 | September 30, 2019

@LostInTx: That's a bummer. Ugh!

terminator9 | September 30, 2019

Where is Youtube Music? ;) All the music I want is there and I have a subscription to that.

cybergrafx | September 30, 2019

@ LostInTx Thanks, I did not know about that. Must have been a deal with Tesla in providing so many slacker account to customers.

Do you know if it is the model 3 that caps the Kbps or is it Slacker? It makes sense now to get a premium Spotify account with 320 Kbps unless the car is capped at 96. Anyone know?

LostInTx | September 30, 2019

@cybergrafx according to Slacker support, the 96 Kbps limit is Tesla's, not Slacker. With Spotify being a premium service, I'd think the Kbps would be higher but haven't been able to substantiate beyond my ears, which were subjected to Van Halen, Kiss, Boston, ZZ Top, Doobie Brothers, Bon Jovi, etc. concerts in the 70's.

vishious911 | September 30, 2019

@LostInTx: Do you know if that's a Model3 limitation or did it apply to Model S? I remember reading threads that said Model S owners used to be able to reach out to Tesla and get their Slacker credentials. And then up the bitrate.

AZTesla | September 30, 2019

I tried to play Youtube music and only succeeded when the car was in park, otherwise, Youtube playback may be limited when the car is in motion.

LostInTx | September 30, 2019

@vishious911 'fraid I don't know how this pertains to the Model S.

jrzapata | September 30, 2019

@lostinTX, have you tried the command "Play Barbie Girl in Spotify"? | September 30, 2019

In the past the S/X had a 128 kbps Slacker stream, and it was 192 kbps if you had UHFS. At some point, the option for higher quality disappeared, and presumably the 192 kbps with it. I don't know of any way to get the actual kbps streaming rate. It's even possible the S/X has been downgraded to 96 kbsp.

Now Tesla has improved the codec, so perhaps 96 kbps today is similar to 128 kbps years ago. Also, consider XM radio max rate is 64 kbps (yes I know the M3 doesn't get XM).

LostInTx | September 30, 2019

@jrzapata Aqua, the "singer of "Barbie Girl" is, of course, a veteran rocker and I'm pretty sure she opened for Bad Company back in the day.

And "opening" for Bad Company is said in only the most positive of ways.

jd4714 | September 30, 2019

Thanks for all your responses. It would be nice to know if Spotify was on a higher streaming rate than Slacker in the car.

hfisher3380 | October 2, 2019

The nice thing for me about Spotify vs Slacker is I can actually listen to whole albums. The voice commands have been OK - ie if I say "play Foxtrot by Genesis" I got a screen interface where I just had to click on the "albums" tab and there it was. Was able to play the entire album. Where things have been hit and miss so far for me is building a library of albums - seems hit or miss whether it gets added to my library after I try to add is as a favourite. Still struggling a bit with that part of the interface...

slingshot18 | October 2, 2019

I was told by both Tesla and Spotify it’s a software limit. Most likely for bandwidth reasons.

alienranch | October 7, 2019

Like Spotify, but definitely don’t like having to click through the screen to select the song I just asked it to play over voice. That one feature is a step back.

mknewman | October 7, 2019

I bought a month of Spotify last week. Huge selection, but the interface is far worse than Slacker. It's really hard to navigate. Also, when I park and get back in most of the time the app has locked up and I have to fiddle with it or even reboot the car to get it to play music again. Today it wouldn't even play the blinker noises, a problem they had long ago but fixed.

I wish they had SiriusXM app support, I have a lifetime membership.

Also, Google and Amazon Prime music would be good choices for supporting an app.

I'm not convinced on Spotify yet.