Does v10 on the Model X have Karaoke.
On my Model 3 it's in the music navigation bar but can't find it anywhere on my wife's Model X.

hootan.roosta | September 30, 2019

Yes I've used it on my Model X. It's great.

dmanincali | September 30, 2019

Interesting. How did you get to it? It's not in the same place as on my Model 3 (under the music nav bar next to Spotify).

dkabq | September 30, 2019

It appears that you will only see it if you have MCU2 which wasn't available on Xs until early 2018. You won't have the Theatre option (Netflix, youtube etc.) either if you don't have MCU2. this has been discussed on other discussion of V10. My 2017 X does not have those features either. Model 3s all have MCU2.

afrim | October 2, 2019

Don't you mean Caraoke?

acosta.lorraine.m | October 2, 2019

Dkabq- Is there any talk about adapting software to all pre MCU2 Xs to run Theatre and Caraoke options?