[Feature Request] Homelink to support more than 3 programs

[Feature Request] Homelink to support more than 3 programs

Why does the homelink feature limit vehicle owners to only 3 programmed remotes? It would be nice if we could have 8 programmed remotes like in other cars. I see no reason why we could not have 255 or unlimited programmed homelink instances in a UI with no physical buttons.

It would also be nice for Homelink to display the programs available with in a 0.5 mile radius to the current position of the car. A separate settings page could display all homelink programs for edit/delete.

Security, just like with a code to start the car, would it be worth while to add a code to use the programmed remote homelink for extra security (for those paranoid tin foil hat wearing owners)?


St☰v☰ | October 14, 2019

Why post here, they don't read their own forum? Use the bug report feature.

fazman | October 14, 2019

I believe they do read these forums, just choose not to respond on these forums.

If tesla doesn’t want to fix it, maybe some other manufacturer will and tesla will need to play Catch Up?

jasazick | October 14, 2019

Interesting, I've never had a car with more than 3 homelink buttons.

JPPTM | October 14, 2019

Homelink is is a proprietary system which is licensed by auto manufacturers like Tesla. The license covers 3 devices, no more.

jamespompi | October 14, 2019

Homelink isnt a Tesla thing, think the only Tesla part of it is the proximity feature aspect of it.

bradbomb | October 14, 2019

OP, please name one vehicle that has HomeLink with more than three programmable clickers.

Also, the Model 3 does show the Homelink available within a certain radius. The menu shows up with that one in green.

jamespompi | October 14, 2019

But if you could buy additional slots similar to what they have with the device install after delivery that would be sweet and I prob would if it were an extra $100 for another 3 or whatever.

Tesla2018 | October 14, 2019

Why would you needi 8 remotes unless you had 3 houses all having 3 car garages. I use the extra 2 to turn on lights in my house and outside since I always park the car in the same garage. My HOA used to have remotes for the main gate but switched to barcodes since they are easier to control. Ex residents still came in with remotes and programmed their homelinks to use remotes. A guy used one to come in and attack his exwife.

I wonder if 2 garage dooropenerse can be programmed to use the same rolling remote code so if you had 2 homes you could use the same remote. When I had. 2 homes, I had the doors for both keyed the same. This way I never had to worry about not having to have extra keys.