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Commute mostly Highway, 95 % Auto.
Use TACC, and Navigate On AutoPilot.

Real Intelligence takes over AI:
When crossing the intersection after a traffic signal/stop.
Merging (mostly)
Underbridge/pass ( The car stops/hesitates like a frightened Horse)
When two-lane merges into one ( It hunts to get into the center of the now wide lane like a drunken driver)
Construction zones.
ICE driver on the next lane with a cellphone in hand.

Turn signal stalk not working, they replaced it.
Screen going black a few times reboot fixed it every time.
Turns on the wipers in the garage, the AI (It's still a child) thinks the noise it sees in the background(dark) as rain droplets.

Mostly from USB (FLAC audio), Tesla should improve in this area like creating a playlist like(VLC).
Streaming through Bluetooth, that way I can listen in other cars I own.

What I like:
KISS - Uncluttered Interface, after using for some time the muscle memory takes care.
Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC), Enhanced AutoPilot and Navigate-on-Autopilot.
Auto folding of the mirror helps while parking into the garage.
Sit down in the car and summon the car out of the narrow garage watching the back camera.
Software updates, I even updated twice from out of the country.
My car has become better with age, like wine.
No fart sound when accelerating.
That there is necessary hardware, the software updates will improve the car.

$7500 Federal Tax rebate
$212 back for purchasing the Wall Charger.
Waiting for a $3500 excise tax from MD.
HOV sticker till 2021.

Long Distance:
2 long-distance trip one in winter and other is summer, no anxiety.
Lost about 30 Miles while parking outside the Hotel for two days in winter.
Plan the route using the betterrouteplanner and have ChargePoint and PlugShare apps on my phone.

Waiting for:

There is no regret in buying this car.