dashcam functionality not working

dashcam functionality not working

I got v10.0 upgrade. I got an USB thumbdrive, formatted as Fat32 , created a folder called "TeslaCam". When the car is in park mode and i plug in the usb, i get a red circular icon with a red dot in the dashboard. is that what i am supposed to see that tells me the dashcam recording is happening ? when I start driving, this icon goes away.


EVRider | October 16, 2019

The round icon with the red dot is Sentry Mode. The dashcam icon appears to the left of that. If it’s missing, the car isn’t seeing the USB — Sentry Mode works even without a USB, but doesn’t record anything.

Check the USB with your computer and make sure it’s set up correctly. How large is the drive? You might find this helpful: | October 16, 2019

@ashbal - Working as designed. You get either dashcam icon when driving or Sentry mode when parked. You don't get both at the same time (although Sentry mode is using the dashcam).

The fact you're getting the Red Sentry mode icon says the dashcam is recording and working. | October 16, 2019

Sorry that last statement could be wrong. You didn't say what year your car is. You need a HW2.5 car to get the dashcam feature. If you have HW2.0, you get Sentry mode, but no video recording/dashcam.

HW2.5 came out after July 31, 2017.

EVRider | October 17, 2019

@TeslaTap: Both the dashcam and Sentry Mode icons appear at the same time when parked.