Smart Summon not showing up

Smart Summon not showing up

I completed the v10 software upgrade on my model 3, but in the Tesla app on my phone I don’t have the “come to me” smart Summon not showing option. I’m pretty sure my model 3 qualifies as “enhanced autopilot” as it was just purchased 2 months ago, but it doesn’t have the full self driving package, is there something else you need to do to enable smart summon?

Hp.1193 | October 16, 2019

Did u update the app itself from App Store? Might have to manually update the app if you don’t have automatic updates.

cnthayer | October 16, 2019

Yeah. I updated the app, even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it

M3phan | October 16, 2019

Come to Me can show in two places on the app.
1. On your home screen when you select Standby Mode on the car menu under Summon
2. If you don’t set Standby Mode, then Come to Me won’t appear on the app home screen but will appear under the Smart Summon screen. Open Smart Summon then hit upper right target icon. Go to Target switches to Come to Me.

VolleyballNE1 | October 16, 2019

If you only bought your car 2 months ago and did not purchase FSD, you will not get smart summon. It's an EAP(last year) or FSD(this year) feature.

jeremynordland | October 16, 2019

@VolleyballNE1 +1 - no FSD, no smart summons. This is an enhanced autopilot and/or full self driving only option.

GrumpyinAZ | October 16, 2019

It's a FSD component, not EAP. If you have FSD, then Come To Me will appear after the app on your phone after Tesla's central database confirms that you have FSD. It then activates the feature for the driving session. For me, that check can take up to a minute after the app on my phone interacts with the car.

bradbomb | October 16, 2019

@GrumpyinAZ It is an EAP & FSD feature. It is not a Basic AP feature. In March of 2019 Tesla stopped selling EAP+FSD and changed to AP+FSD. New FSD is needed to by the following features that were included with EAP:

Smart Summon
Auto Lane Change
Navigate on AP

ICEMELT | October 17, 2019

@OP give it a day or so. My app also din't get updated instantly.

I agree with @brad. I know someone with EAP (prior to March 19) and No-FSD, got the full feature summon..

bradbomb | October 17, 2019

@ICEMELT The OP won't get it. He says he purchased the Model 3 approx 2 months ago. 2 months ago EAP no longer existed. It would come with AP and he would need to purchase FSD to get Smart Summon. As a key below:

Pre-March 1st, 2019 Options:
EAP Add On - $5,000
FSD Add On - $3,000

Post March 1st, 2019 to April 12th, 2019 Options:
No AP - Built In
AP - $3,000
FSD Add On - $5,000

Post April 12th, 2019 Options:
AP - Built In
FSD Add On - $5,000 (Now $6,000)

Joshan | October 17, 2019

brad is exactly correct. The OP is just confused.