Airflow Controls

Airflow Controls

My M3 LR AWD is the best car I have owned or driven. My wife however does not agree with me and she has a few complaints ..... Mostly about how much I spent but that is another story ....

I would love it if I could find a solution to her biggest complaint. It is that she does not like either the heat or AC blowing on her from the passenger seat. We have tried moving the direction and splitting the flow but she is not comfortable with any of these options. Is there any possible way to completely turn off the flow of air on the passenger side and leave the driver side on? With most ICE cars you can manually close the vents.

Please help show me something I am missing.


derotam | October 20, 2019

Might be a psychological thing... point it up all the way and then tell her "I fixed it" and see if she notices. :)

I think if the fan speed is 3-4 or less, she might not notice.

The other thing would be to turn on the rear vents which would take away part of the total airflow.

PhillyBob | October 20, 2019

Is there a control for the rear vents? OI have not seen that.

jd4714 | October 20, 2019

I believe it’s on the lower right corner of the screen when the air flow is showing.

wayne | October 20, 2019

The rear vents come on automatically if there is a weight (small dog) in the back seat.

M3phan | October 20, 2019

Moving the passenger vent nonsplit (1 stream) all up and all to the *left* works for my passengers who don’t want anything on them. Only up can reflect down. Up and right can reflect off side.

M3phan | October 20, 2019

But agree would be nice to shut off passenger side if desired.

bradbomb | October 20, 2019

@wayne That is not always true. It only turns on with weight if you have the system on Auto. If you don’t use auto, the rear vents need to be turned on manually

CST | October 20, 2019

Turn off the middle vents and use the windshield ones, your wife will be thrilled. What's up with wives complaining about the car, anyways. Seems to be a thing.

billlake2000 | October 21, 2019

CST, a mere male mortal cannot know what's up with wives. Don't even try

M3phan | October 21, 2019

Jeff Foxworthy had a joke about wives and cars, that they’re either sleeping in them or controlling the AC and heat. Hahaha