Tesla Model X Mud Flaps

Tesla Model X Mud Flaps

I searched for many hours looks for mud flaps that fit on the Model X that did not look atrocious... I could not find any and so I decided to make my own using universal mud flaps.

Only after making my own and sharing what I had made was I turned on to what looks to be a pretty decent set on eBay...

None-the-less, I'm posted here so that you don't have to go through he pains I did to try and find the information, if you so choose to explore mud flaps for the Model X.

- DIY Thread:

- eBay Link:

Please feel free to share any other ascetically pleasing mud flap solutions you have found for the Model X as well.

sunsinstudios | October 30, 2019

What a coincidence, I just learned about the eBay mud flaps today! Wondering if anyone has tried them.

How do they look? Have pics or video?
How do they install?
How well do they work?