Window went down when car was in park

Window went down when car was in park

It was raining hard, and I parked the car and went into a restaurant. Came back out and the passenger front window was all the way down, interior was soaked. No sign of break in and lucky nothing was stolen.

Anyone know why or how this happened? I didn’t touch the app at all.

Magic 8 Ball | November 3, 2019

This "phantom" window down has been reported before. It is very easy to accidentally hit a window down button upon exit and not notice. So it could have been an accident or a glitch with the car. Obviously since no one here was with you no one here can actually tell you how it happened to you.

kevin_rf | November 3, 2019

After the Dunkin run this morning had one of those happen as I was pulling in at hone. Not sure if it was the car or the dog who rolled the window down. But she's a good girl, so I'm blaming the car ;-)

lbowroom | November 3, 2019

Window switches on the door remain powered after it’s in Park and even after the door is opened. Like 8B notes it’s easy to hit it and not notice

vmulla | November 3, 2019

All the info you need here:

And there are several other threads.
Search for window calibration

nbzach | November 3, 2019

Vmulla thank you for the only helpful answer I received... some don’t consider that yes, a tesla can have problems and not everything is user error, lol

lbowroom | November 3, 2019

You asked what could have happened and you received replies that outlined the most likely scenario. the first reply even mentioned the possibility It was a glitch. Nothing in your OP indicated that you had considered that you bumped it nor that you understand that the buttons are still live, all you said was that you didn’t touch the app.

lbowroom | November 3, 2019

There is nothing in the app that can roll down an individual window.