Climate change: There is 3 types of people

Climate change: There is 3 types of people

1) People who change their habits
2) People who say they care
3) People who deny climate changes
Planet doesn’t see any difference between type 2 and type 3.

Lately, I have been arguing too much on Twitter and Instagram against type 3, I need an Instabrake.

NKYTA | November 5, 2019

I’m 1 & 2. Though 1 happened well more than a decade ago.
Wish I could go solar, but costs too much for limited benefit.

Adding trees for friends and family....

andy.connor.e | November 6, 2019

There are 3 levels to determining your type:

1) Those who accept the climate is changing
2) Those who accept that humans are accelerating it
3) Understanding and being conscientious about your responsibility on this planet

When you have ascended to level 3, you should have changed your habits by then.

Tesla-David | November 6, 2019

My wife and I are all in on 1 and 2, and at level 3 of @andy's type description installing 13.2 kWh solar PV 7 years ago and Powerwall batteries last year in all electric home operating as a microgrid ~9 months of the year. We drive EVs exclusively (MS and M3), and do everything we can to convince neighbors and friends to install solar and drive EVs. I am retired marine biologist who has witnessed first hand to demise of coral reefs over 50 + years of diving reefs due to warming oceans and ocean acidification. We also plant trees to sequester carbon.

Tesla-David | November 6, 2019

to = the

vincst42 | November 6, 2019

I think i'm proud to say i'm 1&2 and on level 3. Also passing those lessons on my kids who are still young. We're in the process of removing a huge half dead tree to put in a 'nicer' one. Added 8 fruit trees to our yard (4 out where neighbors can get to them). We're awaiting delivery on an MX (wished i could have afforded one sooner). Installed a 8.3kWh system a 1.5 years ago. We stopped using grocery bags cause i got annoyed at them double bagging single bottles of soda or putting a huge bag of cereal in a bag.

dmm1240 | November 6, 2019

My window guy comes the 17th to install the last batch of low e windows on my house. We’ve installed a solar powered attic fan to lower heat in the attic reducing our air conditioning bills. I drive a Tesla and my SO a hybrid. I put down an extra layer of insulation in the attic.

I’d install a solar roof but my HOA won’t allow them. I give test drives in the Tesla to anyone who wants one and can make a nuisance of myself talking up EVs.

Orthopod | November 6, 2019

These posts give me a little bit of hope on the future of humankind. Theses forums are good sometimes.

Orthopod | November 6, 2019

These posts give me a little bit of hope on the future of humankind. Theses forums are good sometimes.

vincst42 | November 6, 2019

Dmm1240 double check your laws, I didnt think HOAs were allowed to block solar anymore. Unless your in a historic area. If you have the space a solar pergola in the garden could work too.

dmm1240 | November 7, 2019

@vincst42. I live in a townhouse style condominium. The HOA owns the roof. Crazy, but that's how state law is written.

NKYTA | November 7, 2019

@dmm, here in NorCal, I believe I could get around those laws for our townhouse, but the problem is the roof is just too darn small. :-/

RedShift | November 7, 2019

1 and 2 type. I don’t much care about 3 nowadays. It’s been hard, but I’ve learnt to ignore 3, carry on with whatever I am going to do to fight it.

Max, I’d advise you to do the same, because you should do whatever you want to do without distractions.

derotam | November 7, 2019

Overall the planet doesn't care about #1 either. In the end the planet will win no matter what. I am not saying that people shouldn't change their ways however.

andy.connor.e | November 7, 2019

In the geologic timescale, the planet does not care and will do whatever. But its kind of counterproductive to our species to intentionally complicate our survival.

RedShift | November 7, 2019

If an Asteroid strikes tomorrow, the earth as a planet will still survive. Humanity might not.

This is a slow moving Asteroid, and not as dramatic.

andy.connor.e | November 7, 2019

Humans ignore it when its human caused. If some other species did it, there would be an outrage.

jimglas | November 7, 2019

the earth will soon be rid of this temporary infestation by humans

SamO | November 7, 2019

End of the world is a misnomer. The word habitable should be out in parentheses.

blue adept | November 8, 2019


I don't think that it is a situation where we "ignore" it because it's "human caused" so much as it is a situation where we allow ourselves to be convinced that our usage of, say "fossil fuels", is "necessary" because there aren't any other alternatives, or to switch to them would be too expensive, or there would be too great of an impact on our economy, or any number of any other nonsensical contrivances that those desiring to hold onto the reigns of power for as long as they can can manage to devise.

All of these excuses are, of course, farcical BS as we can all see unveiling today.

That's what this is, those moving on, those evolving, and those doing whatever they can imagine to do to desperately cling onto the past, even devolve or regress us if we allow them to.

Varricks | November 9, 2019

I think -and it's just thoughts, it's not a religion nor a reason to get armed- the idea of humans believing they or their actions are the "cause" of the planet's inevitable climate wanderings is only another illustration of the size of their egos.
If my 12-ounces of R-12 is going to rend the ozone, why can't I get ants to stay out of the kitchen? And how odd that Freon was outlawed just as DuPont's patents on it were running out.
My generation (now 65) was told in junior high that we'd be in another ice age by now, and that oil would all be used up by 1990.
I think the planet's climate rings like a bell, or like wave rings in a pond. Maybe our use of burned hydrocarbons has an effect, but I'm still suspicious that it isn't as much as we're being brainwashed to believe, particularly considering who's doing the washing and their motives. And I see only good in the idea of dismantling and eliminating most of the coal and oil industries, if for no other reason than they're just too big by any measure.
Anyway, I bought a Tesla. Maybe that'll win me some Greenpeace points. But I have no fantasies that my actions in any direction are truly going to matter.

GoldAK47 | November 9, 2019

I have a tesla. I hate the goons that think its saving the world. The batteries alone kill more planet than most cars. I just like them because they are fast. My other vehicle is a coal rolling diesel, turbo rotaries, and big block muscle cars that get 5mpg. Climate change is a term used to get you to vote for a politician. The idea is great, but that has nothing to do with any of it.

MitchP85D | November 9, 2019

Type number 4: People who look at climate data.

MitchP85D | November 9, 2019

Hey RaceLab, Dr. Richard Lindzen said it best. He said that politicians are always looking for ways to increase taxation of the citizens. If the politicians can convince the citizens that they need to pay higher taxes to save the planet, then the citizens would be more willing to pay!

GoldAK47 | November 9, 2019

Yep, exactly Mitch.

Throw in crooked social media and all major networks pushing the same narrative, and you can convince millions.

I've planted thousands of trees, which is more than most environmental warriors have done.

leeramer | November 9, 2019

Sigh, the oil companies made it political and suckered the right wing into believing that constant burning of fossil fuels was not going to do any harm. Exxon own scientists proved that theory wrong and they decided to suppress it.
The fact people are still trying to make it political shows how we continue to follow our beliefs instead of science and data.
Just follow actual climate scientists and their research and not these other scientists with degrees in physics, or meteorology, or math who do not. The evidence is clearly there regardless of what tribe you belong too.

MitchP85D | November 10, 2019

The oil companies haven't suckered anybody into believing anything. All the oil companies have done is provide a product demanded to them by the public. Can you imagine the turmoil that would result if the oil companies decided to cut their production of gasoline because they made the determination that they are destroying the environment? Think of how high the cost of gasoline would become if they decided on a 40% cut of production. Do you global warming zealots think the public would accept and support such an action by the oil industry? If you think the public hates the oil companies now, can you imagine how much they would be hated if they decided to proceed with such an action?

History lesson for you silly Green New Dealers. It was Henry Ford who approached John D. Rockefeller to increase production of that volatile by-product while Rockefeller was producing kerosene. Why? Because Ford was producing an automobile that the common man could buy. And that Model-T required fuel. Thus, the demand to the oil industry was put into motion.

Nikola Tesla invented a motor that helped George Westinghouse produce and transmit AC electricity. This made it possible for the common man to buy electricity for their homes. Had Thomas Edison won with DC current, only the rich could afford electricity. Something tells me you snobby, elitist Green New Dealer types would have preferred it that way.

So, if there are two people you want to blame for so-called "climate change, that would be Henry Ford and Nikola Tesla. The reason being is that those two great men helped produce something that the general public could buy on a mass scale. And this requires energy production to meet the demand from the public. And you silly Green New Dealer types have taken it upon yourselves to villainize the folks who are meeting the demand from the public.

Orthopod | November 10, 2019

Hey Mitch, if someone ask you to produce nice cozy big sized gas chambers and pay you 10 millions every unit, will you produce them? Let's say it cost you 1 million to produce each one, and some government place an order of 1000 units, will you say no?

MitchP85D | November 10, 2019

Maxxer, allow me to illustrate your absurdity with another. If some government is willing to pay you "10 millions" to support the idea that humans are changing the climate in a negative way, will you say no?

The primary difference between your absurdity and mine is that nobody is doing your absurdity. Yet, governments all over the world are implementing the absurdity I noted!

NKYTA | November 10, 2019

5. Mitch shits were he eats.


Orthopod | November 10, 2019

Ok Mitch here’s one for you following your way or thinking:

Gas kills humans
Humans emits carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide heats climate

So Gas colds climate

MitchP85D | November 10, 2019

This is the way Maxxer thinks. CO2 is the molecule of life. Without CO2 (below 150 ppm), all life on the planet would cease. Therefore, let's get rid of all of the CO2!

WW_spb | November 11, 2019

Funny that some think they can control climate change when most can't even control their own life. On Universe scale our actions pretty much don't matter. Think of ants trying to control Forest environment around them. Good luck. Nice to be delusional...
At the same time no body stops you from being nature friendly and to be conscious about environment. I still think humanity has higher risk of annihilating itself by lunching nukes then anything else as of right now.

MitchP85D | November 11, 2019

WhiteWi, it is funny that many in this world are more afraid of the CO2 molecule than they are of nukes!

andy.connor.e | November 11, 2019

Nukes have a lower probability of being used, than CO2 is likely to cause any measurable amount of change.

andy.connor.e | November 11, 2019

So its not surprising to me that many in this world are not afraid of nukes.

SamO | November 11, 2019

It’s surprising that so many people are too stupid to understand the negative consequences of unbridled burning of fossil fuels.

WW_spb | November 11, 2019

Main problem is over population. How are you going to fight that? Exactly

andy.connor.e | November 11, 2019

We will fight that with CO2 and nukes. 200iq

SCCRENDO | November 11, 2019

@racelab. Please provide data to support your contentions that batteries are killing the planet. Sounds like the Trump defense. Mr. President we are going to impeach you. But whatabout Hunter Biden

dmm1240 | November 11, 2019

Birth rates tend to drop as people prosper. Both Western Europe and North America are below replacement reproduction rates already. Before you think it, it’s not racially specific. Access to birth control is important. Oh, and abortion rates fall as access to birth control improves as well.

rxlawdude | November 11, 2019

"All the oil companies have done is provide a product demanded to them by the public."

If there's demand, why are oil companies advertising?

SamO | November 11, 2019

And why are they paying off politicians?

And why are they astroturfing and sock puppeting?

rxlawdude | November 11, 2019

@dmm, see the movie Idiocracy. I have a feeling there are states out there where the less prosperous are reproducing like bunnies.

RedShift | November 11, 2019

And why do oil companies receive subsidies?

MitchP85D | November 11, 2019

Hey hellasmarter dude, Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron advertise for the same reason Chevrolet, Ford, and Chrysler advertise.

MitchP85D | November 11, 2019

People who drive Chevys, Fords, and Chryslers need to fuel up. Which fuel brand will they choose? I assure you, Shell wants those Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler drivers to buy their fuel, not ExxonMobil. Kind of like how when you go to the grocery store and choose Raisin Bran, Post Toasties, or Corn Flakes.

This is how the Free Market system works. I know. Difficult concept for you silly socialist Green New Dealers to grasp!

andy.connor.e | November 12, 2019

No the equivalent analogy would be going to the store and having the knockoff brands of Cheerios or frosted flakes when they are the same cereal packaged by a different company.

MitchP85D | November 12, 2019

Andy, Post Toasties come from POST.

Corn Flakes come from KELLOG.

andy.connor.e | November 12, 2019

Frosted Flakes comes from Kellog.

Frosted Flakes comes from store brand.

Both are frosted flakes, each packaged by a different company.

87 rated Gasoline is the same gasoline whether its sold by Shell or Exxon.

Same product different packaging.

andy.connor.e | November 12, 2019

Sorry meant to post the link.

Theres Tony the Tiger Frosted Flakes.

Then there is local store's branded Frosted Flakes