Climate change: There is 3 types of people

Climate change: There is 3 types of people

1) People who change their habits
2) People who say they care
3) People who deny climate changes
Planet doesn’t see any difference between type 2 and type 3.

Lately, I have been arguing too much on Twitter and Instagram against type 3, I need an Instabrake.

SCCRENDO | January 6, 2020

@blue adept. You definitely need a chill pill.

blue adept | January 6, 2020


But, but...I was just letting the conversation "flow" like @andy.connor.e said.

Orthopod | January 7, 2020

Electrical engineer actually

I forbade her to go work for Elon Musk
I didn’t want her to work 90 hours a week for a fixed annual income of $50k

jimglas | January 7, 2020

@maxxer: Thou shalt obtain thy electricity from the sun

andy.connor.e | January 7, 2020


Time to give you the sex

Orthopod | January 7, 2020

From water is ok?

jimglas | January 7, 2020

of course

blue adept | January 24, 2020

Yay! I get to get the sex...

That's a 'good' thing, right?

blue adept | January 24, 2020

@Maxxer & @jimglas

Hydroelectric is a good companion and/or supplement to solar electric as, much like the Sun is always going to shine, rivers, lakes and streams are always going to flow, providing us with a potential endless source of sustainable and renewable clean energy power that is a suitable alternative to current fossil fuel sources.

Pretty much every state has them (hydroelectric plants), and some even have more than one in the form of both large and small installations.

Now if they would only optimize them for full production capacity (none have yet to be optimized), they could easily double to quadruple their output and offset the perceived need for fossil fuel based power generation....

Orthopod | January 25, 2020

It’s just any way to optimize harnessing solar energy really without going through plant decoy and fossil fuel formation.

Like Musk said, fossil fuels is a finite resource and we will have to transition out anyway, why not do it right now instead of when the ressource will be depleted and Earth 7 degrees warmer, half of the planet nations at war to habitable unflooded land, after 14% of the population died to Coronavirus

Orthopod | January 25, 2020

When will people acknowledge human caused climate change like they acknowledged gravity?

Is there gravity derniers somewhere on the planet other than general relativity denying gravity replacing it with bending of space-time instead of considering attraction between 2 bodies.

Finally, climate change and gravity are hoaxes.
Made in China, of course.

blue adept | February 22, 2020

I'm of the mind that it is nigh on impossible for anyone to deny it at this point, to deny that Climate Change is a very real and pressing threat to our continued existence and that it appears that everyone, including those who were once naysayers and deniers, is / are finally coming to terms with the reality of the dire consequences we all face for our inaction and the actions of those to forestall the implementation of mitigating action designed to curtail environmentally damaging and life threatening emissions from our commercial, industrial and transportation sectors.

Our government's reluctance to take the necessary actions required diminish, if not altogether eliminate, the sources of man-made pollutants has made Climate Change an existential threat to us all as a species:

blue adept | February 23, 2020
blue adept | February 23, 2020

Let's try the Directory page (last entry at bottom of page beginning on p605):

And PDFform:

blue adept | February 23, 2020
rxlawdude | February 23, 2020

Just copy the entire link and paste it into your browser. Works fine. Somehow the open paren in the URL is confusing the forum software.

blue adept | February 23, 2020

I did!

Damn thing just wasn't interested in working for me today.

blue adept | March 13, 2020

Some days you're the windshield, others you're the bug.

Orthopod | April 13, 2020

I think this thread will be of actuality in the next few weeks as industrial activity is being put back into action.

Will governments invest massively in new jobs to stimulate transition so sustainable energy with all the small companies going bankrupt.

Here in Canada, many initiatives to buy local food from local farms has emerged and the government has created a new label called the blue basket which is an Amazon like online platform to connect and buy local food produced within a perimeter of your home so your carbon impact from transportation will be reduced and the local producers will flourish and we will be less relying on Imports for futures pandemics/climate disasters