Mach-E reveal is very entertaining :)

Mach-E reveal is very entertaining :)

Tesla 3 enthusiasts will love the Mach-E reveal. I'm watching it now, and it's the best entertainment that I can remember in recent times.

Really!! :)

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

Idris was and his family’s ties to Ford in the UK. Safe to say they don’t have a charismatic exec in the lot. It very much felt like a rebadged Tesla and touting what we’ve known about EVs’ advantages for some time as though they came up with it all on their own. It will introduce the concepts to a new cohort who chose to bury their heads for the last decade, so that’s a positive.

Kashnepp | November 17, 2019

The group singing / dancing was very cringy.

cascadiadesign | November 17, 2019

Yep - As they went down the list of features & tech, I was mentally checking off the features I've had for 18 months on my Model 3. But hey, congratulations to Ford. Competition will push the entire EV industry forward.

SamO | November 17, 2019

Idris Elba begging people to clap reminded me of this:

vmulla | November 17, 2019

" It very much felt like a rebadged Tesla and touting what we’ve known about EVs’ advantages for some time as though they came up with it all on their own."@Bighorn
Which is exactly why I found it entertaining :)
Tesla's master plan working better than expected. That's good.

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

You could tell Bill and he were tight when Bill mispronounced Idris.

jebinc | November 17, 2019

I wish them the best. Will only make Tesla and its products even better, and releases faster too, I suspect. More free performance upgrades? ;-)

rehutton777 | November 17, 2019

I did not care for the looks or lines of the Ford Mach-E. The front end reminds me of Edsel - - looks like it's sucking on a lemon. The back end reminds me a little of the Gremlin. I wasn't impressed - - looked like they stole the Model S interior layout. I was really confused when, at the end, they rolled out a couple of Mustang GTs. Which are they trying to roll-out? I thought this really detracted from the Mach-E, and sort of supports their less than whole-hearted effort to get big-time into the EV market.

SamO | November 17, 2019

Tesla cannot begin to produce enough EVs to meet demand. Some thoughts:

Please get your US charging together Ford. Ionity should cover EU decently.

Thanks Zeus this car won’t be delivered for another year.

How many are being made?

Terribly inefficient. 100KWh batter for 300 miles ain’t great.

OTAs sound good but ... we will see.

lanekeeping “soon”

Many people who have never considered an EV will consider this car. I hope it is available in all 50 states

FISHEV | November 17, 2019

That was awful. No car stuff and a lot of entertainment. Turned sound off and watched the ballgame. As soon as the MTV announcement was over went over to web site and put down a $500 deposit. Be fun to refine the order for end of 2020. Good timing for me.

Don’t know of any US made EV competitor for the small AWD wagons other than Ford and Tesla Kona/Niro EV from H/K are nice FWD wagons.

lbowroom | November 17, 2019

Right..... so at least another year of you bashing Tesla....

cascadiadesign | November 17, 2019

For clarity, the Ford Mach E will be made in Mexico. But of course Ford is a US company.

vmulla | November 17, 2019

I just don't understand that ^

But ok..

vmulla | November 17, 2019

Ok.. lbowroom and cascadiadesign - my comment wasn't for you :P

lbowroom | November 17, 2019

I figured

RedShift | November 17, 2019

I like it. It’s less efficient than the gold standard, Tesla. But I like it.

jebinc | November 17, 2019


Glad you found something you like in that reveal and placed an order. I must admit, I’m surprised you did because you tout range as the top EV metric, I think. The Mach-E ranges and efficiency appear to blow chucks compared to other EVs you can trade your Tesla for today. And, built in Mexico is not US. So, you abandoned your prime objectives of range and made in the US at the drop of an infomercial (hat)? “Really”?

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but how do the doors open?

WW_spb | November 17, 2019

I wonder how much energy does Mach E use for precondition? Bahahaha Fish, can't wait for you to go away for good.

kaffine | November 17, 2019

They started on time or fairly close. Tesla could learn from this.

Overall the only issues I have with it is the name I'm sorry but a Mustang is a muscle car not a cross over, and charging speed.

I wonder if they will release how many reservations they get.

I haven't heard has Ford said how many they plan to make a year? Looks like Tesla might actually start getting some competition. As long as Ford is actually willing to make it in numbers I think it will be great for EVs.

WW_spb | November 17, 2019

Did they talk about pricing?

MAB1980 | November 17, 2019

” | I must admit, I’m surprised you did because you tout range as the top EV metric, I think. “

You don’t misremember. As recently as today he stated that range has always been the single most important metric on EVs. When asked if he’d trade range for payload, he declined to answer.

weluvm3 | November 17, 2019

Looks like Tesla clone. I reserved a limited edition blue one for my wife. She doesn't want FSD and she loved the way it looked. I have to admit, the 2 screens is looking good.

calvin940 | November 17, 2019

The car is definitely not for me, but the sooner my kids can walk to school without inhaling a bunch of shit along the way, the better.

NKYTA | November 17, 2019

Pricing looks ok, but not for me.

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

The pricing was “leaked” on Friday.

Ford’s epiphany only helps to legitimate the move to EVs, which will more likely help than hurt Tesla.

rehutton777 | November 17, 2019

Just looked at order page. $55.8K for basic LR "Premium" model (extended range) RWD. Anticipated range: 300 mi. (vs. 310-320 for Tesla). Acceleration: 0-60 in mid-6 seconds (vs. 4.4 sec. for Tesla). Battery: 300 mi. range with 98.8 kW (vs.310 miles with 75 kW battery for Tesla). Looks like inferior performance and effeciency at higher price compared to Tesla.

RayNLA | November 17, 2019

There is a button on the B pillar door frame with a small pull handle for the front door along the window trim. There is also a button near the C pillar, but part of the door frame for the rear. Ford also included the familiar keypad for entry, and the code can also be used to start the vehicle.

Bighorn | November 17, 2019


MAB1980 | November 17, 2019

Seems like a fair to middling car. Nothing special, nothing terrible.

But it’s not a mustang. At least Nissan didn’t get ahead of itself and call the Leaf a Skyline.

ksrehman | November 17, 2019

The Mustang nameplate means a lot to Ford, so its use is a sign they put some serious effort into this and it's not just another compliance car. I am happy to see any sincere EV efforts from any manufacturer.

I would buy a Model Y over this (for efficiency, Supercharging network, and evolving FSD features …) but choices are good and growing the total EV market is good.

RayNLA | November 17, 2019

I congratulate Ford for their efforts. 6th grade kids can now brag that their dad drives the Mustang” with the Tesla screen!

TexasBob | November 17, 2019

Sorry but those dancers/singers.... I wonder if Elon will have a group of employees break out in song on Thursday? The cybertrk dancers! Ugh.

Seriously glad for Ford and hope this moves the! Ford faithful.

I predict that Musk will update model Y specs to reflect the improvements from recent software upgrades (ie long range Rwd will be 310miles of range, will improve 0-60 to 5.3 secs).

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

The nav was at Crenshaw in Hawthorne. Isn’t that pretty close to Tesla/SpaceX?

MAB1980 | November 17, 2019

“ I predict that Musk will update model Y specs”

I know Elon Musk is notoriously hands on (micromanager), but I predict he won’t do anything of the sort :D

cascadiadesign | November 17, 2019

"... Isn’t that pretty close to Tesla/SpaceX?"

Same hanger as used for Tesla reveals. Seems ballsy to hold an event in the competitors back yard.

On the other hand, that Space X rocket towering nearby should be a reminder to Ford who they are going up against.

kevin_rf | November 17, 2019

Sometimes a hanger is just a hanger. It might just be easy to rent and equally easy to setup for a multimedia event.

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

Odd that it wasn’t in Detroit.

beaver | November 17, 2019

At least Ford seems to have designed a new EV from scratch. The specs and price are better than I expected. We already knew that no one can touch Tesla’s efficiency and acceleration numbers today.

I won’t buy one but I hope lots of “Ford only” people do. I am from Minnesota, there in the Midwest many families are loyal to the same brand for lifetime(s). Many are Chevy or Ford only.

Cheers to progress

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

Apparently lots of pre-production stuff. The screen view had that simulation caveat tonight. 0-60 times are based on computer modeling. Can’t imagine the range figures are real either. Not sure what final production will actually look like. Remember Mission E?

rsingh05 | November 17, 2019

My first car was a Mustang GT and i think this car looks great and is worthy of the name. Specs/pricing are the best after Tesla even though there is a big gap in efficiency and FSD tech. Still a good effort by Ford.

I think this will be a moderate success, and sell much better than Audi, Jaguar and Porsche’s EVs combined. And I’ll be happy that not every EV around is a model 3.

DuckDuckEv | November 17, 2019

Are any Tesla owners considering this thing?

Xerogas | November 17, 2019

@DuckDuckEv: "Are any Tesla owners considering this thing?"
Depends on your definition of “owner”; stinky feesh claims to have put down a deposit, but there are doubts he actually owns a Tesla.

cascadiadesign | November 17, 2019

"... Odd that it wasn’t in Detroit."

Los Angeles Auto Show opens Nov 22. Ford is taking advantage of the auto press showing up in LA. Tesla CYBRTRK reveal on Nov 21 is also taking advantage of the auto press in town.

SamO | November 17, 2019

Glad it exists. Wish it were better, sooner and more widespread.

Agree that it is much better than the iPace, etron and bolt.

Want to hope to imagine that Ford isn’t full of shit regarding range, charging and autosteer.

Fool me once ... and so it goes.

vmulla | November 18, 2019

The car looks much better than what the leaked pics suggested. As I was watching the event I was thinking this car is equivalent to the early Model S.

It's kind of smart/convenient for Ford to wait until
1. Tesla's tax incentives have evoporated
2. EA build out has come to a half-decent state

Ford's success depends on that $7.5K tax incentive.

My big questions about this car are:
- what about semi-autonomous driving? Do we have any additional info?
- is this based of MEB platform?

Answers to those two questions might mean there's even better news than meets the eye - Yes, Mach-E is good news in general (just not my car)

vmulla | November 18, 2019

A bit more info that makes all Tesla owners smile with satisfaction:

coselectric | November 18, 2019

Nice looking vehicle. Seems vaguely familiar. Don't much care for the mustache, but otherwise I like the style and features.

Biggest reason I would not consider one is that I'd have to set foot in a Ford dealership to purchase and service it. That's a dealbreaker.

Bighorn | November 18, 2019

Good point about the auto show. I just associate Hawthorne so strongly with Tesla. On top of all the parroting of Tesla’s innovations without any attribution, it seemed odd.

PTdenver | November 18, 2019

what a boring reveal.... can't think of anything that the Mach E has that Tesla doesn't??