Is there a support email address anymore?

Is there a support email address anymore?

There used to be a support e-mail address at Tesla that someone read. I want to submit a "feature request" - not necessarily a bug report because I'm sure the screen is operating as designed. For example, when a driver uses the steering wheel buttons to change between radio presets, the indicator for "this is the active station" disappears off the screen. The station bar used to move to keep the active station in the middle. That's not a "bug report" but I want to send it in somehow. Is or or some other address still monitored?

rm760 | November 20, 2019
EVRider | November 20, 2019

You can also use the Request Help link in your vehicle page on My Tesla, or the Contact link at the bottom of this page. The e-mail address rm760 posted above is the one I've used.

mischadeva | January 16, 2020

I just tried and got a response indicating that email address was no longer monitored. Are they not accepting any emails any longer?!?!

EVRider | January 16, 2020

You have to e-mail support using Once you fill in the information and get a list of potentially helpful articles, you get the option to say that you need more help and can e-mail support using a form. I used this successfully recently, but I had to try twice before I got a response.

The e-mail address is still in use, because that's where my response from support was sent from. I replied to that address to acknowledge that the issue was resolved, and I didn't receive any response, automated or otherwise.

I also tried using, but I got an automated reply saying I should use the support site instead.

murphyS90D | January 16, 2020

I received an email from that address on January 8.

dougk71 | January 16, 2020

The lack of full throated support for email is an issue. The Tesla cell phone app for me works for everything but posting to support. The solution may lie between my cell phone service and the Tesla system.
Tesla should not rely on a single method . Sometimes Tesla will answer the phone.

barrykmd | January 16, 2020

mischadeva | January 16, 2020
I just tried and got a response indicating that email address was no longer monitored.

That's a better response than most people get from monitored emails :-)

akikiki | January 16, 2020

I think we are seeing the result of "we wore out our welcome". No, they should not do this. But I think it was the za-gillon emails and phone calls that they fielded over questions there were just too time consuming and repetitive or maybe even ridiculous and owners could answer themselves by reading.

I remember not so very long ago when we read so mean stories and posts how people called Tesla about everything. I think Tesla simply could not handle the volume and it was growing. So the took a pause.

dougk71 | January 16, 2020

The issue could well be customers abusing service but the solution for a $100k car would be to give customers 3 calls per year with very high priority abusers would just be ignored instead of ignoring all customers as it seems at times is the policy

barrykmd | January 16, 2020

While there are some stupid and lazy people out there who abuse the system, the fault lies with Tesla's poor delivery process. This car is very different from what people previously drove. By now, Tesla should have a list of the top questions/concerns and educate people when they pick up their cars. And the "they're a new company" excuse is old already.

Just as you get better customer service at Neiman-Marcus than Walmart, you should get better customer service with a 50-100K Tesla than a 15K Ford Fiesta.