Mysterious supercharging fees

Mysterious supercharging fees

I just checked my supercharging fees from my holiday travel and they show up as 0.0 on my history. A third supercharging fee in Napa doesn’t even show up and credit card has not been charge. M3 was racking up fees every time I was charging but it would reset to 0 at the end of every charge. I don’t have any referrals.

FISHEV | December 1, 2019

Some were saying it was an artifact from the fires when Tesla switched some folks to free charging. Several threads on other Tesla forums about people seeing unexplained Free SuperCharging on their profile.

hokiegir1 | December 1, 2019

First rule of free supercharging club: don't talk about free supercharging club.

Bighorn | December 1, 2019

Is it really a fee then?

WW_spb | December 1, 2019

hokiegir1, love that movie.

raqball | December 1, 2019

It could be they were having a reporting pr billing issue..

Happened to me a few months ago where I charged over a 2 week period and was never charged. It did start charging me again but I was not back billed...

Teslanene | December 1, 2019

Thanks FISHEV I try searching for those Tesla threads you mention but didn’t find any info. Makes sense as the Kincade Fire did start around my hometown so it could be related.

Sarah R | December 1, 2019

The OP is now faced with an ethical dilemma:

Should she (sorry if this is a bad guess) "take the joules and run", or inform Tesla of the error and remit payment.

What to do?

yudansha™ | December 1, 2019

Probably, holiday gift from EM.

gmr6415 | December 1, 2019

When hurricane Michael went through the Southeast over a year ago Tesla was giving free supercharging all along it's path. Months later when I went from Central Florida to Asheville, NC and back for the holidays the only supercharging I had to pay for were those in Florida except the Lake City supercharger, which too was free.

It would make sense that you could still see lingering free charging from near a natural disaster months later.

Pg3ibew | December 1, 2019

Fees? Seems like FREES!!

lbowroom | December 1, 2019

Title implies you were charged when you shouldn’t have been

bradbomb | December 2, 2019

FYI, there have been many threads about some people's (mine included) Model 3s that have been set to free supercharging from Tesla temporarily making it free due to natural disasters. Mine has been free since November 2018 from the wild fires in SoCal back then. I have not had to pay for supercharging since. My account briefly reflected "Free Unlimited Supercharging", but it has for the most part said "Pay-per-use Supercharging" even though I don't get charged. The way I can really tell it is still free is that my Model 3's navigation map does not show any fees on the supercharger locations and it doesn't say "Pay-per-use Supercharging" on the charging screen and just "Supercharging". It does list my last charge still from October 2018.

@Sarah R, I actually had asked the Tesla SC in Burbank about it to check my account and they basically said that I don't want to make that request because as soon as they do, I will lose the status and told me to leave it alone and take advantage of it until it goes away.

gmr6415 | December 2, 2019

@bradbomb, that doesn't sound like the same manner they handled the path of hurricane Michael. I live no where near the path, yet when I charged at superchargers within the previous path there were no fees. In the case of Michael it could only be based on the location of the supercharger, not the vehicle itself. That's supported by the fact I was charged in Ocala, FL, not within Michael's path, yet I wasn't charged in Lake City, FL, which was close to Michael's path.

I've never heard of the "disaster relief" (free supercharging) being VIN specific.

bradbomb | December 3, 2019


I received that message back then, as did others. You can search this forum or TMC regarding it. There were others who had talked about dealing with hurricanes getting their account temporarily free

mcmorj | December 3, 2019

I have the opposite problem in that I have been charged twice for the same session, at the same location, at the same time! Now having dual supercharger ports would be nice....

hokiegir1 | December 3, 2019

@gmr - how they handled Michael and what they did this year is different. I was impacted by both "versions" so to speak.