Shorter battery preconditioning duration.

Shorter battery preconditioning duration.

I'm on 2019.36.2, and over the last road trip I noticed that preconditioning starts when I'm about 5-10 mins away from the Supercharger. Earlier it used to be 15 mins away.

Not that it matters, it's just an observation.

Bighorn | December 1, 2019

They were probably shocked to learn from FISH that battery preconditioning was consuming over 200 rated miles per hour and acted accordingly.

WW_spb | December 1, 2019

@Bighorn, it makes prefect sense )

lilbean | December 1, 2019

When I was in the freezing cold, it started preconditioning an hour and a half before.

vmulla | December 1, 2019

That's interesting, I hope it means things are getting better.

The temps I observed during my drive are between low 40s and low 80s. Preconditioning time was quite short, and varied - I wasn't paying attention to temp/preconditioning correlation.

The temps were higher the other times I had an opportunity to observe preconditioning, and yet I remember longer preconditioning.

I have no idea what's happening behind the scenes, but I'm able to observe a changed outcome - I am assuming that the feature was tuned to be better :)

SteveWin1 | December 1, 2019

I had about 20 minutes of preconditioning this weekend.

vmulla | December 1, 2019

What temps did you have?

ODWms | December 2, 2019

Preconditioning for me started yesterday about 30 min out, and it was 78 degrees out.

vmulla | December 2, 2019

That the opposite of my observations :))
I was within the same temperature range too. Which software version are you on?

walnotr | December 2, 2019

Has anyone considered preconditioning might also cool the battery if temps are higher?

ODWms | December 2, 2019


FISHEV | December 2, 2019

I've found it starts at about 20 miles from the SC. That seems the outside range. My regular SC is 10 miles away and Preconditioning will come on as soon as I put the SC on navigation. After that it seems to vary based on temp and my driving which will have provided some heat to the battery from operation and the battery warming system to rebuild regen if its colder. That takes up to 40 miles at 60-70 mph on colder (30-50's) mornings.

I'm wondering if the lower charging rate I got on my cold weather test trip to Hood River to use the new EA fast chargers there was due to no preconditioning in cold 38F weather. It was running around 35kW to start and then went to 48kW during the hour of charging. EA saw no issue with the charger when I called and as the rate kept going up the battery was able to take a faster an a faster charge. This was after 60 miles at 70mph on I84.

I have to fool around with the Nav and see if it will recognize the EA chargers somehow to turn on preconditioning.

If not, be nice if Tesla added a "Is this a charger destination" question or check box on nav to turn on Preconditioning. Especially for the by the minute chargers.

foodking | December 2, 2019

i experienced both a 5min (after driving 2hr straight) and a 24min (from a cold start) preconditioning this weekend. The 24min preconditioning was 24min because that was the total travel time to the supercharger. Was cold (34F), rain/sleet mix and the Wh/mi was over 600.

FISHEV | December 2, 2019

30 minutes at 7kW wold be 3.5kWh used for preconditioning, about 15 miles of range. The max anyone has seen for Preconditioning is 7kW but that person also noted it could be higher.

I've always looked at the miles not the time, about 20 miles out seems to be soonest it has gone on. I'll check the time to destination next time. My regular 10 mile run takes about 20-30 minutes and Preconditioning comes on as soon as put in the SC destination.

jallred | December 2, 2019

If not, be nice if Tesla added a "Is this a charger destination" question or check box on nav to turn on Preconditioning. Especially for the by the minute chargers. -fish

Now you want an option to initiate preconditioning? Is one to believe that you now believe that the itinerary saved due to the increased rate of charging is greater than the time lost to regain the energy lost during preconditioning?

Any chance you got a receipt to show the cost per kWh during this test? Sounds like lack of preconditioning could be costly when using a per minute charging scheme.

jallred | December 2, 2019


FISHEV | December 2, 2019

"Now you want an option to initiate preconditioning? "

Yes. Make sense as more and more fast charging stations go in. EA's Hood River charging station is going to be popular in the Winter as it's the only fast charging on the North side of Hood. Car will have been sitting at 6,000 ft in cold for 4-8 hours. Being able to turn regen on for the non-Tesla charger would be good to speed up charging and lessen costs.

jallred | December 2, 2019

Want to take a whirl at the additional questions?

jallred | December 2, 2019

It’s too bad you will lose this feature when you get the mustang.

jallred | December 2, 2019

Btw, it isn’t Regen.

Bighorn | December 2, 2019

Yes, preconditioning cools as well. Max auxiliary draw in motion regardless is 4 kW.

FISHEV | December 2, 2019

"it isn’t Regen."

Correct. Preconditioning though the net effect, warming the battery, is the same in this context.

jallred | December 2, 2019

Preconditioning though the net effect, warming the battery, is the same in this context. -fish

Not true.

andy | December 2, 2019

An option to select preconditioning for a stop would be nice. There’s a network of chargers that I like using, mostly for 50kWh stops, but they are also rolling out 150kWh chargers. A quick precondition and top up to warm the battery and replace the preconditioning charge loss suits me as I do quite a few 5 hour drives.

The UK superchargers are filling up in some places now too and there are some gaps where the superchargers that are due are not yet in place. The car has the range to work round them, but the planned locations are natural break points and there are alternate networks available.

-TheJohn- | December 3, 2019

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