Holiday accessories for M3?

Holiday accessories for M3?

I’ve always enjoyed turning our vehicles into a reindeer with the cheesy antlers in the windows and red nose in the grill. It's both stupid and fun, the overlap where I prefer to exist.

However, M3 windows need a tight seal and there isn't a grill so...I'm open to hearing ideas to spruce it up for the next month.

On the aggressive side, a wrap with garland and lights? On the more realistic side, get red & green covers for the door handles.


M3phan | December 1, 2019

Mine came with factory installed Christmas theme.
Red multicoat...

Magic 8 Ball | December 2, 2019

There was a guy that used vinyl overlays to turn his car into a jack-o-lantern.

rcmarshall | December 2, 2019

On my way home from Boston I stopped at the Moosic Pa. charger to charge for the final leg of my trip and saw a white model X that had antlers attached to the upper rear corners of the front windows. From a distance it appeared that they were attached with suction cups. I can think of ways using velcro and fishing line inside the frunk and under the front bumper to attach something to the front but would hesitate to do so because of possibly blocking the sensors.

jamilworm | December 2, 2019

I am the guy Magic is talking about, I bought black vinyl off Amazon and cut out shapes to decorate my (already orange) Model 3 for Halloween.

You could do the same for x-mas, like cut out trees or snowflakes or something. It's easy to apply and will withstand washing, but then when you are done with it it easily peels off without leaving any residue or anything.