HW 2.5 to FSD (3.0) Computer

HW 2.5 to FSD (3.0) Computer

I am curious if anybody with FSD has been contacted for the HW upgrade to FSD Computer. If so was it completed in a Service Center or by a Ranger?

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bruryan | December 2, 2019

Don, there was a Canadian who utubed a ranger updating his car. And one or two people claiming updates ar SC.
But these are rare events thus far.
I was at an SC two weeks ago. Their claim," just don't have any to install".

thorvund | December 2, 2019

I traded notes with the head of service for the Western US a few months ago about an issue I had with the SC (They kept yanking out all the wiring and thumb drives in console).

He mentioned that his team had been trained and they were just waiting on the computers to arrive and that the appointments would start being scheduled.

Magic 8 Ball | December 2, 2019
thorvund | December 2, 2019

Thanks for the link M8B, we really do need a search function. I am also in the Bay Area with a 2018 Q3 PD3 and purchased FSD during the $2k sale early this year. Maybe I will get a call soon. Doesn't sound like there is a lot of benefit to the FSD yet.

Magic 8 Ball | December 2, 2019

CST should chime in with an update later today.

LikeEVs | December 2, 2019

I tried to schedule a mobile service to upgrade to HW3 a couple weeks, but they called back and said no go yet. Located in the bay area.

CST | December 2, 2019

I haven't heard back from service yet, but my app says that the car should be done by Wednesday evening. No idea why they would want to hold it that long.

M3phan | December 2, 2019

@CST, a week? Wow. Thanksgiving must’ve monkeyed things up. The Canadian who had it done by mobile tech said it took ~ a couple hours to install and ~ another coupe to load up firmware.
A week, eh? Wow.

CST | December 2, 2019

I got a text today that said that they have completed the upgrades. I had them look into the breather valve so they may be holding it for that now.

walnotr | December 2, 2019

@CST if you’re talking about the HV breather valves, it’s about a 15 minute job. I had it done about a week ago.

kevin_rf | December 2, 2019

Are the breather valves, like the charge pins an important fix that I should have them look at when they do the upgrade? August 2018 build, 64xxx bin.

RES IPSA | December 2, 2019

What are breather valves?

hokiegir1 | December 3, 2019

They help with the metal flexing (thunking) when supercharging in cold temps -- sometimes.

RES IPSA | December 3, 2019

@hokie... thanks