How do you setup your X for snow driving?

How do you setup your X for snow driving?

Hi All,

The wife and I went to Lake Tahoe last weekend when the snow started. Really beautiful there in Truckee, Lake Tahoe and surrounding area.
We where in Reno when it started to snow and got to wondering what is the best setup for driving in snow.
DonnerPass was restricted to 4 wheel drive with M+S tires so we are OK there. First time in snow in my X and decided to but some snow cables just in case. I went to Tesla first to ask do I put them on the front tires or back tires. Oddly, they were not sure. After some research it was determine back tires.
Then I got to thinking, do I turn on Slip Start?, do I turn off ReGen braking? I definitely set it to Chill mode.
It would be great if Tesla had one button driving modes for best setup.

Needless to say the X did not have any troubles with snow and ice even without the snow cables.

How do others setup their X when driving in snow?

jimglas | December 3, 2019

chill and Low regen
On my second winter in Colorado with stock tires without problem
I ordered snow wheelset from tesla 6 weeks ago
I fear I may now get them until spring
(I did get the $3k charge on my credit card)

Vawlkus | December 3, 2019

In Canada, it’s just throw on some snow tires and drive on.

artc1688 | December 3, 2019

I drive my ICE SUV

Bobblec | December 4, 2019

one yr ownership with some second winter driving from Denver to Winter Park weekly during Winter months.. fine with stock all seasons but put Nokian Hakkapolitos in this year to preserve all seasons for nonsnow months. a little more tire noise; great handling either way. I run Chill Mode and standard regen which I really like on the icy or snowy curves...better modulation and control than using brakes which are always there if you want them. with a little foresight I may never touch the brakes until in the metro area traffic again--80 mile trip of which about 20 miles is metreo. at low traffic times have gotten to one mile from home never touching the brake pedal.

niduj | December 5, 2019

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