Premium Connectivity (1 year included)?

Premium Connectivity (1 year included)?

saw this on build site description for model 3. “Premium Connectivity (1 year included)”

So after 11 year there is a fee?

tperugino | December 3, 2019

Yes - i believe it's $100 after the first year

gballant4570 | December 3, 2019

Depends on when you configured your car. If you configured prior to June 27, 2018 with premium interior you have connectivity for the life of the car. After that date, its first year free with $100 annual subscription after that.

Buzzkill | December 3, 2019

As far as I know no one has yet been charged for Premium Connectivity. If anyone has please chime in.

derotam | December 3, 2019

@gballant4570: there is no confirmed cost of premium connectivity yet that I am aware of. Musk did mentioned something like $100 at one point but it has never been set in stone.

EVRider | December 3, 2019

Here’s what Tesla says about Premium Connectivity:

lbowroom | December 3, 2019

It’s what they say, not what they do. So far, they’ve done nothing to collect a few and continue the streaming

Vegita2201 | December 7, 2019

Well got the notification this morning that the charges start on my Model3 Performance 12/31/2019

ghoop1 | December 7, 2019

Just got the email. $9.99 per month for Live Traffic Visualization, Satellite-View Maps, Video Streaming, Caraoke, Music Streaming, and Internet Browser. Starting Dec. 31st, 2019.

LikeLightning | December 7, 2019

@ghoop - Ditto

loomitch | December 7, 2019

I guess this is great for SR+ owners, we can now get satellite view and live traffic if we so chose to pay. Previously (currently) we only have streaming at no cost--which seems like it will be taken away along with everyone else who is in the post July 2018 boat.

alwhysall | December 7, 2019

Nothing yet seen in the UK for this, but I would certainly pay for the live traffic alone.

walnotr | December 7, 2019

I’ve been waiting for this. Order was placed on July 5th 2018. Just subscribed as I knew this day would come. It’s costing me $9.99+$.81tax/mo. A little more than the $100/yr but I’m not complaining. Well, maybe a little about the sales tax. ;-)

EVRider | December 7, 2019

I got the e-mail today too for our Model 3, didn’t get anything yet for the Model S (both purchased last December). Note that Standard Connectivity still gives you access to music/video streaming, Caraoke, and the browser, but only on WiFi.