Voice commands for everything but the one I need "Suspension"

Voice commands for everything but the one I need "Suspension"

Got a "fix" update. At least in my garage, voice commands seem to be improved. Last time, when I started driving, they were hit and miss on whether it responded or heard me, so will reserve judgment until I drive the car tomorrow.

But, testing the available voice commands, pulled up the menu and ran down the list. "Open --???" voice command worked for every single one of them except "Suspension". "Open Ride Height" only opens the quick controls, so that helps a little in saving one of three taps when I urgently need to raise the car to clear an obstacle. When I heard that Tesla was adding voice command function, this is the one I wanted most. As it is now, I constantly have to stop the car, look at the screen, bring up the menu, tap Suspension, then tap the ride height setting. Slows me down, but also people behind me.

Would be great if you could, at a minimum, say "open suspension", then just be one tap away. I can understand they may not make it possible to say "set ride height to ???", in fear that it could change driving dynamics of the car if the car mistakenly thinks it hears that command. Requiring a tap of the actual setting is probably the safest approach, but I'd still love to be able to just voice command my way to the height setting I want. Would be much quicker and far less distracting than taking your eyes off the road to find where you need to tap 3 times and then wait for the suspension to actually adjust.

Hoping Tesla releases this command soon. PLEASE and THANK YOU. Had hoped it was part of today's "fix" update, but unfortunately wan't the case.

marziano.simone | December 30, 2019

I agree with you.
I use the command suspension daily and manually because the auto suspension with GPS doesn't work (I don't know why. The gps works correcly because the homelink becomes green when I am in front of my door but the suspensions remain in normal position instead to move to high.