Have you hugged a gas guzzler today?

Have you hugged a gas guzzler today?

You should, since they are paying gasoline taxes and you aren’t!

The problem is the roads are now funded much more through general revenues than the gas tax — another subsidy to big oil and big business generally since trucking does most of the damage to roads.

SamO | January 28, 2020

Just my lungs.

lilbean | January 28, 2020

Gross. | January 28, 2020

Actually, in many states, you pay an additional annual fee if you own an EV that makes up for the lack of the gas tax. $50-200 is typical. This has a state by state guide:

The fee is $100 for Californians, going up based on CPI starting in 2021. Figure an ICE car that travels 12,000 miles/year, at 40 mpg, uses 300 gallons of gas, which represents $141 in CA taxes. So not a bad deal. Other lower-taxed states might end up being more costly for the EV fees.

andy.connor.e | January 28, 2020

Enjoy while it lasts. The only reason u dont pay is because EVs are such a small percentage of cars. Only a matter of time until theres a universal cost.

TabascoGuy | January 28, 2020

I just love, Love, LOVE my Escalade. So much so that every piece that has fallen off of it is in the wayback behind the third row seats. Ahem, gettin kinda full back there.

FactDoc | January 28, 2020

Universal mileage tax is coming

Mike83 | January 28, 2020

Gas taxes should be $20/gallon to pay for the Climate Crisis they continue to exasperate.
When the do to ICE vehicles what GM did to EVs I would applaud but hugging, no way Jose.

jordanrichard | January 28, 2020

The moment my state stops raiding the Transportation fund to pay for other programs, then I will feel guilty for not paying a road tax.

stingray.don | January 28, 2020

I had to pay an EV tax when getting plates. I paid my fair share of road taxes.

lilbean | January 28, 2020

@stingray.don +100
We pay more and I paid a lot more as one driver with two EVs.

jordanrichard | January 29, 2020

The tricky part with with establishing a mileage based tax is determining how many miles are driven within your state’s borders. I understand the concept of getting back money that is being lost due to an EV not buying gas, but is 30% of your driving was outside of the state, the state would have lost that money anyways..... | January 29, 2020

The tech should make it easy to record miles driven in a state and charge based on actual mileage. It might even be an owner option. Pay $100/year, or let Tesla or another car company track you actual miles and charge $0.001 per mile (or what a fair tax would be). All accounting would be done for you with a single annual bill or add-on to the DMV renewal. It doesn't even need to be EV only, as it could apply to all cars that have GPS and internet connection (i.e. most new cars).