FSD - Will cameras handle intersections with 2-way stop only.

FSD - Will cameras handle intersections with 2-way stop only.

I'm wondering how Tesla plans to handle FSD and intersections with 2-way stop only . . . how will the cameras detect oncoming traffic that does not stop at the intersection? | January 28, 2020

I'd guess the same way people do. Stop at the stop sign and wait until the traffic is clear in both directions and proceed carefully. Doesn't seem like it's all that hard.

EVRider | January 28, 2020

The cameras provide a 360-degree view around the car, so the car can see approaching traffic on an intersecting street. Are you asking how the car will deal with a car that runs a stop sign at an intersecting street? As best as it can I suppose.

liftsrock | January 28, 2020

I'm not sure that the cameras can see down the intersecting road to the left and right, but if they can, I guess this is a non issue. | January 28, 2020

Side pillar cameras see to the sides and they are positioned almost the same as the driver's head, but without A-pillar visual blockage. So if a driver can deal with it, the FSD should have better visibility and should deal with it.

nukequazar | January 28, 2020

They will not. These cars will never be autonomous.

EVRider | January 29, 2020

@nuke: “They will not.” Are you disputing that the cameras can see approaching traffic on intersecting streets? | January 29, 2020

@nuke's must be talking about his beloved Taycan. I see multiple different vendor autonomous cars on the road every day here - and usually several drive by my house each week. There are so many companies in this local area doing live testing - but with a safety driver right now.

nukequazar | January 29, 2020

2D fixed cameras connected to a Tesla CPU comes nowhere close to what humans do with bifocal vision plus hearing connected to our RI (real intelligence) brains. We see cars, trucks, dogs, cats, birds, bicycles, tricycles, baby strollers, potholes, a box that fell off of a truck, a person who tripped and fell in the street, etc. Our cars will never accomplish this.

My car still cannot reliably Summon into my garage, the same garage, day after day. It rarely makes it in on the first try--usually takes 2 to 5 starts--and I often have to stop it from hitting a shelves on the sides.

The cars TeslaTap talks about have 3DHD maps (so can only drive in the limited area where their maps are complete) and LIDAR (which creates a realtime 3D map of the surroundings including distance and speed information of every object) which comes much closer to human inputs.

nukequazar | January 29, 2020

We're at level 1-2 automation now, and I think our cars may someday achieve Level 2-3 on the highway only. These cars will never get to level 2 on city streets, and never get to level 4-5 (true autonomous driving) anywhere. "Full self driving" on all current Tesla vehicles is snake oil.

NKYTA | January 29, 2020

You should be careful with "never".

nukequazar | January 29, 2020

To be clear, Tesla FSD is Level 1 automation on some city streets; this is only where there are clear lines, and can steer but not stop at intersections so that makes it Level 1. And it's Level 2 on most highways because human hands, monitoring, and intervention are required at all times.

nukequazar | January 29, 2020

@NKYTA, I was until I drove the car a while, paid for FSD, drove a while more, and did research on autonomous driving. These cars will never achieve Level 4-5. Mark my words.

Ok, there is one way it may be possible. If 100% of cars on the road had the same or greater technology as our cars and all shared 100% of their sensor and navigation data in real time plus the addition of 3D mapping of the entire countries where the cars are sold. Maybe.

nukequazar | January 29, 2020

3DHD mapping, I mean. That could all be added by software and processor upgrades without adding LIDAR.

NKYTA | January 29, 2020

Your words are marked.

Back in the day, MCU1 would "never" support backup lines. A couple months later, it did...

nukequazar | January 29, 2020

@NKYTA , Kias have backup lines; better than ours, actually, as they show straight backup lines as well as lines that curve with your backup path as you steer. I only know because I had a rental recently. Would never buy one.

nukequazar | January 29, 2020

Also, backup lines are child's play. Come on. | January 29, 2020

3DHD mapping is a fool's way to design L4 and is not practical for the real world. You have to understand the environment rather than hoping that nothing ever changes. Tesla figured this out several years ago.

@Darth "To be clear, Tesla FSD is Level 1 automation..." NO! Tesla does not offer FSD operation in cars today. If you're using it as FSD, you should stop immediately.

As for your comment on 2D cameras, the software/AP processor converts multiple frames to understand the environment in 3D. Using your old AP1/AP2 as a prediction of AP3 doesn't make a lot of sense.

nukequazar | January 29, 2020

Ok, sweetie, enjoy your day.