It’s time. Tesla needs to Advertise

It’s time. Tesla needs to Advertise

Word of mouth will only go so far. Tesla has hit a new plateau and the secret needs to be let out, now. The Super Bowl was a missed opportunity IMO. The key will be annunciating the message which will have to be unique and completely different than any other car manufacturer.

No Subaru love nonsense or Dodge RAM macho crap but instead a vision of the future, now, with performance advancements and environmental benefits, you know, the reason we all jumped in, many like me, sight unseen.

I picked up our 3 having never test driven it. My X got a test ride, after I ordered it, just to be sure at that price, but every time I pass a gas station I ask myself why didn’t I do this sooner. It’s mostly because Tesla was just a rumor that I had to discover on my own

Some clever, heartful and honest advertising with little kids and dogs and specs and Billie Eilish singing could be the accelerated beginning of the end for an industry who’s time on this planet is up

My twentytwo cents

quinney | February 3, 2020

Head for cover.

Nexxus | February 4, 2020

Tesla does not need to advertise until production outstrips demand. They are production constrained right now. Any advertising would just make matters worse.

Big-B | February 4, 2020

I agree with Nexxus, no need to advertise when they can't produce enough cars to fill demand. Also, every young person knows of Tesla,and they all aspire to own one someday. Legacy car makers would kill for that sort of traction among young people.

SamO | February 4, 2020

Why would you advertise when you sell 100% of what you make already?

And you can’t ramp production any faster, even with more money?

Can OP explain what the advertising will accomplish?

PrescottRichard | February 4, 2020

Asked and answered.


jordanrichard | February 4, 2020

OP, you're kidding right?

Tesla sales continue to climb each year, why do they need to advertise? Sales figures have certainly not plateaued.

Tesla-David | February 4, 2020

No way do they need to advertise, they can't build their cars fast enough, and with Tesla and EM everything they do gets media traction. They put all their money in making excellent products sans advertising dollars. Brilliant strategy and no changes needed.

TabascoGuy | February 4, 2020

How about letting Tesla decide if and when to advertise?

teslu3 | February 4, 2020

Tesla has free advertising. Just watch advertising for other EVs then look at Tesla's cost and specs, or talk to Tesla car owners. Instead spend more on service and support.

andy.connor.e | February 4, 2020

I dont know that they need to. In a way, they are not big enough to be advertising. Maybe when they get their 3rd factory in the US they should start.

MitchP85D | February 4, 2020

If you ever watch the Fox Business Channel, they talk about Tesla a lot over there - mostly positive. I call that free advertising. I agree that while demand exceeds production, there is no need to advertise.

blue adept | February 4, 2020


>>> "It’s time. Tesla needs to Advertise" <<<

You're overlooking the fact that everything that Tesla has accomplished thus far was done without any 'advertising' whatsoever, only "word of mouth" and, with demand still outpacing supply, @Nexxus and others have raised the valid point that Tesla need only stay the course for the time being and/or until they're able to up production beyond demand.

In any estimation of a successful company, start up or legacied, Tesla is SLAYING.

TranzNDance | February 4, 2020

Why pay for what they can get for free? It's a new century and there are different ways to get the word out. Legacy companies need legacy methods to get the word out.

TabascoGuy | February 4, 2020

I agree, word of mouth is great for letting people know how great the cars are and has certainly worked well to keep demand ahead of supply.

Tesla definitely does not need to advertise in the traditional sense.

Where I think advertising would help is getting people on-board with the mission and to help them identify with Tesla and their role in that mission. They need to hear and see that Tesla has heart and soul.

jordanrichard | February 4, 2020

I believe it was Will Rogers who once said that if a company took the money they spent on advertising their product, into developing the product, they wouldn’t have to advertise...... | February 4, 2020

Also, consider most competitors advertises Tesla for free. Seems most EV press release needs to compare their new CrapMaster Turbo to a Tesla. They call out imaginary benefits like an 800v battery (which is meaningless). When people end up comparing the real thing, it's sorely lacking in just about every meaningful way with Tesla. I almost feel sorry for those marketing departments.

blue adept | February 4, 2020


...because then the product would do all of the advertising for them, just as is the case with Tesla.


Mtnrunner | February 4, 2020

We all know Tesla can’t keep up with current demand, duh, but that’s before Shanghai and the upcoming German plant. Other plants are probably in the works too based on demand but that’s way besides the point.

Selling a product is not the only reason for advertising. Advertising is about conveying a message for both potential buyers and existing owners and investors.

Tesla is much more than a auto company. Advertising would allow Tesla to annunciate that fact increasing interest in its other, and up and coming, businesses like solar, powerwall, semi, etc. Tesla cars are just part of the picture just as GM is a much bigger company than just an auto maker.

Advertising allows a company to control the messaging, not advertising allows others to influence and warp the message.

Look at Apple. Do people buy iPhones because of slick Apple commercials? No, they buy them and pay a premium because they’ve been exposed to them, either in an Apple store, mobile provider, a friend or family member, etc. They sell themselves but Apple still budgets advertising for several reasons. It provides assurance to those who have already invested and keeps them coming back and Apple gets to control the message and reinforce what it means to own an iProduct and why it’s a better product than the competitors. Advertising keeps Apple relevant.

18 new EVs are coming out this year. They will all advertise. They already are. For the average joe smo EV buyer the competition will control the messaging about Tesla. They’ll say Elon is crazy, Teslas fall apart, and their batteries will give you cancer.

I’ll repeat my thought. Tesla is now at a point where advertising is essential to protecting its assets, reassuring the growing community of owners and investors and reaching out to those have no idea who the F Tesla is and what it stands for. Suggesting Tesla doesn’t need to advertise and word of mouth will do fine is not understanding marketing and advertising.

PrescottRichard | February 4, 2020

Marketing and advertising is another industry that Tesla is disrupting.

Mtnrunner | February 4, 2020

And just how are they doing that @PrescottRichard? With Elon’s disaster of a cybertruck event? That’s was an example of bad advertising, despite having a great product. Stock sank 6%

I don’t think you’re getting the point of this advertising concept Prescott

Microsoft tried “build it and they will come” years ago and along came Google, Apple and others and took Microsoft’s ideas and ran with them. You don’t NOT advertise believing you’re the only game in town and start advertising when it’s too late. And as a Tesla owner I’m getting tired of being the pitchman, I want others to know what Tesla is without my help.



Xerogas | February 4, 2020

@Mtnrunner: "And just how are they doing that @PrescottRichard? With Elon’s disaster of a cybertruck event? That’s was an example of bad advertising, despite having a great product. Stock sank 6%
250,000 pre-orders
Stock up 250% since then
Everyone talking about it

Every other car company *dreams* of such a disaster

MitchP85D | February 5, 2020

Tesla does not need to spend money on advertising. They need to spend money on service centers! In other words, Tesla needs to hire some operational help. Not sales staff.

Wormtown Kris | February 5, 2020

To the OP:
"250,000 pre-orders" was just over the first weekend, after that "disaster of a rollout". It's believed to be over 400,000 now. (Think there would be NEAR the (snarky) news coverage or exposure for the CyberTruck if Franz didn't throw his big balls at it?) :) It was a top trender on Twitter for weeks. Who's still talking about the Jeep Groundhog Day commercial?
Tesla has people waiting for YEARS for their Model Y, Their Roadster, their Semi, and their Cybertruck. They have people waiting months for their 3/S/X. These are "Tesla people" who get it. A great Super Bowl ad would conservatively add 2million more people into the queue. People who are used to just walking to the dealer, haggling for 10 hours and picking one of the 10 cars in the lot that meet their needs. Telling them that their car will be ready in 2 years will go over REALLY WELL! That's a great idea.
And regarding getting more customers for solar and energy storage- same problem- where is the production and the battery volume going to come from? They can't produce fast enough, even if 1/3 of the population DOES hate them.
Not a very well thought out idea.

PrescottRichard | February 5, 2020

MitchP85D nailed it.

As for how is Tesla disrupting A&M - by not participating in the conventional way. There may very well be a time for Tesla to advertise, but that time is not now. I also suspect that if/when that time comes the choices Tesla makes will not be traditional. Why be normal?

Why are you taking this idea so personally? Your reacting seems disproportional to my comment.

patarlton | February 5, 2020

The photo of Starman floating to Mars in a Roadster was the best advertising money ever spent.

blue adept | February 5, 2020

You raise a good point as potential rivals advertising themselves as 'competitors to Tesla' is like a backhanded complement that works in Tesla's favor because it provides them with even more word-of-mouth and forces a comparison between the wannabe brands and Tesla that always works in Tesla's favor because they've a better product.

Good point.

blue adept | February 5, 2020


>>> "Advertising allows a company to control the messaging, not advertising allows others to influence and warp the message."

While true, once someone comes into contact or has any experience with one of Tesla's models they are then able to see just how full of sh1t and petty all of the FUD'sters are and that's all it takes.

>>> "18 new EVs are coming out this year. They will all advertise." <<<

Because they HAVE to!

And they ALL advertise as 'Tesla' competitors, lending even more Tesla ear worms to the masses and all free of charge with no out-of-pocket expense on Tesla's behalf.

Yodrak. | February 5, 2020

"Tesla has hit a new plateau "
I'm not seeing a plateau, not with Model Y coming out soon, then the 'cyber truck and the tractor both of which are well known.

"Advertising is about conveying a message for both potential buyers and existing owners and investors."
Meaningful messaging to investors is via the financial statements, different from advertising to potential buyers and existing owners.

"... Elon’s disaster of a cybertruck event? That’s was an example of bad advertising, despite having a great product. Stock sank 6%"
And since then, still without formal advertising? The stock's volatility is influenced by many things that affect both the company and the market as a whole, for the most part not the things that influence purchasers of the product.

"... as a Tesla owner I’m getting tired of being the pitchman ..."
Then don't, entirely up to you no matter what Tesla does. In fact, if Tesla starts advertising, you will probably get asked even more questions about whether the advertising is true or not.

DTsea | February 5, 2020

No it isnt, and they do not.

Madatgascar | February 5, 2020

When I am being a Tesla pitch man, one of the strongest things I can say is that Tesla has never had to advertise. Sometimes, that’s all you have to say.

hcwhy | February 5, 2020

They that can, do. They that can't, advertise.

Ross1 | February 6, 2020

I looked in a showroom or mall at a Leaf, the new one.
Salesman said they are for people who want a Tesla but cant afford it.

BadgerErickson | February 6, 2020

Super Bowl pre-coverage was of an NFL team in the airport, waiting for their flight.

Players were talking about their Teslas, comparing their fun ownership stories. BOOM! Free advertising in smiles says it all.

IIRC, the CybrTrk pre-orders is at around 400K units, some will cancel, and MANY will stampede to snap up those cancelled electric pick ups with solar power collection. The CybrTrks rolling out are going to be like 400K billboards, paid for by We the People. We vote with our smart- $$$.......

PrescottRichard | February 6, 2020

I saw an article mentioning all the Tesla cars present at the SB owned by players, can’t find it now. That’s exactly what I thought Badger, the *best* kind of advertising too.

RJMIII | February 6, 2020

@Mtnlover - at first I agreed with the crowd that Tesla didn’t need to advertise, but you one me over with the analogies with Microsoft and Apple. Apple in particular almost went out of business because people were willing to buy inferior products and deal with their problematic behavior ( myself included) because the other products were cheaper. Tesla has a superior product, but all my beer drinking buddies were impressed with the Porsche and Mach e commercials during the super bowl. I wasted my time trying to explain why Teslas are better because they blew me off as having drank the Tesla cool aid and being an Elon fanboy.

teslu3 | February 6, 2020

Impressed by Porsche and Mach E commercials? Might as well be impressed by ICE commercials that dominate media. Go ahead and waste money on media cool aid; help companies and media that repeatedly tout inferior product yet nearly ignore superior, more efficient, more American product. Perhaps one way to slowly wean off the ICE addiction is to first buy a more expensive but inferior EV.

andy.connor.e | February 6, 2020

Its the smartphone tactic. Sell you an overpriced EV that is crap so that in 2 years you can make one a little better to make you feel like you're driving junk so that you buy the next generation model. Before you know it we will have Samsung Galaxy EV28

Earl and Nagin ... | February 6, 2020

Unlike with the PC, however, Tesla is so far ahead of anyone else with reducing the costs of an EV that they'll be able to win on price as well as quality. Just look at how many Leaf owners are stepping up to Tesla's.
I suspect the OP is probably in the advertising industry and, like ICE, transmission, and buggy whip makers, is looking for continued work.

Ross1 | February 7, 2020

If Tesla was to advertise it should be to educate journalists that the mission statement encourages EV competition, even yearns for it.
Anyone understanding this would never have written about those Tesla Killers (remember them?)
Anyone understanding Tesla understands competition is encouraged and furthers the uptake of sustainable energy and transport.