Forum app difficult to use

Forum app difficult to use

I need some advice. This Forum app 1) doesn't seem to sort on columns in the correct order 2)loses posts 3) seems to have no search function (say, find my posts or find a post subject which contains 'navigation' etc

Am I missing something or is it buggy. What are other experiences, advice?


Kary993 | February 14, 2020

Really??? A forum that pre dates the internet......that's interesting......

lbowroom | February 14, 2020

What forum app?

ksrehman | February 14, 2020

I believe the Romans had forums that pre-date the Internet :)

don.lind | February 14, 2020

@lbowroom - I think he's just talking about the form via a normal web browse. And yeah, this forum software is pretty bad.

casun | February 14, 2020

there was one?