These people who hate tesla.... they all have an agenda

These people who hate tesla.... they all have an agenda

I was looking at the columnists that post these wild articles about how Tesla is doing poorly. How can they think these things? Jim Collins today wrote an article with the headline "Tesla revenue down 37% in Q4" Not only is it misleading, but it seemed like he was going out of his way to look for something negative to say about tesla. well, lets see if Mr Collins might have a reason. hmmm. From linkDin
Interested in part time position teaching, mentoring or technology development
Company NameNone
Dates EmployedJan 2019 – Present
Employment Duration1 yr 2 mos
LocationSoutheast Michigan
General Motors
Company NameGeneral Motors
Total Duration38 yrs
TitleAdvanced Vehicle Performance Manager
Dates EmployedJan 2003 – Dec 2018
Employment Duration16 yrs
TitleEngineering - Chassis / Vehicle Performance / Advanced Vehicle Development
Dates EmployedJan 1981 – Dec 2002
Employment Duration22 yrs

So, it looks to me like he was working at GM in charge of their advanced vehicle department and has now been looking for work for a couple years. I might like Tesla either in his case. Granted, he is retirement age but still...
Time and time again I look at the bio of the author for FUD articles and its always either big oil, big Detroit, or big ad agencies behind it.
Maybe Fish is Collins. they both seem to have a lot of time right now

Joshan | February 19, 2020

Things that make you go hmm....

kevin_rf | February 19, 2020

And how many of the regular posters here are more interested in Tesla's stock prices. Both Bulls and Short Mini Bears?

82bert | February 19, 2020

I don’t thing the regular posters here are as interested in TSLA as they are Tesla. It’s just impossible to ignore the meteoric rise over the past 2+ months, and it highlights how far Tesla has come in regards to its own sustainability (something the detractors have been attacking regularly for years now).

Bighorn | February 19, 2020

TSLA’s price was stagnant for years. Looking for a moral equivalency is nuts.

andy.connor.e | February 19, 2020

Its almost like people have been saying theres a demand problem since Q1 2018, and their sales grow every quarter. Nothing short of insanity.