New unexplained warning icon in 2000.8.1

New unexplained warning icon in 2000.8.1

I got 2000.8.1 installed last night. This morning I had a icon that I've never seen before and I have no idea what it's trying to say.

On my S, just below the speed limit icon, a circle with a number in it came up. Overlaid on the bottom corner was the ! triangle. The first time I saw it a 30 was displayed (under a 50mph sign) and the second time it had a 20. I believe it was coincident with my use of regenerative braking, but I never saw it after that.

Was this a warning that I had reduced regenerative breaking? I wouldn't think so as it came up after the batteries were fully pre-conditioned. Later, when the batteries were colder (I had the yellow bars), it never came up.

Is it possible that FSD speed would be reduced to that (if I enabled it)? It makes some sense as there may have been some condensation over the sensors from the temperature differential from the garage to outside.

I couldn't find it in the manual or the release notes.


EVRider | March 6, 2020

I think other people have seen that before, with older builds, but I don't recall what the cause was. When you see a warning triangle, there should be a similar icon at the top of the touchscreen, which you can tap to see the warning message.

jordanrichard | March 6, 2020

While I can’t help you with your question, I can help you get more specific replies and that is by stating which car you have. Not all cars have all features or same warnings. While all Tesla’s have TPMS, not all Tesla’s display individual tires pressures.

So by stating which car you have, people who have the similar year car, can be of better assistance.

ggendel | March 7, 2020

@evrider, If it comes up again I'll try to see if I get more info. Thanks for the tip.
@jordanrichard, this is a 2017 60D with MCU 1 | March 7, 2020

@ggendel - please recheck the update version number. Is it 2000.8.1 or 2020.8.1? If the latter you can edit your title and the body to reflect the correction. Are you in the US or somewhere else? Can you check again for the release notes? Sometimes they take a while to display. Thanks.

EVRider | March 7, 2020 It’s a safe bet the version is 2020.8.1. :-)

@ggendel: What are your settings under Controls > Autopilot > Speed Limit Warning? When you said the circle with the number appeared under the speed limit icon, did you mean the sign that shows the current speed limit, or the number circle that shows the speed that TACC/AP will use?

Wonnie | March 8, 2020

were you driving through a school zone? I have that on my Model S since end of last you (dont know which update) here in Australia... the second speed shows the school zone speed whereby the upper speed is the normal speed limit during non scholl zone hours...

ggendel | March 11, 2020

@wonnie: Not that I know of, however you're answer was the best match for my symptoms.

I did ask service what this was. They downloaded the logs and were stumped. Their best guess was that the gps location went wacky and thought the speed was restricted. This aligns with your assumption.