M3 USB album audio needs improvement

M3 USB album audio needs improvement

I love my Tesla M3 for many reasons, not the least of which is the luxury car experience. With that in mind I'm writing to draw attention to an aspect of the USB audio playback that is un-deserving of its place in the Tesla experience. The problem arises when playing ripped albums of classical music or live concerts. In those cases the music generally continues without interruption while playback advances from track to track. IOW, the music seamlessly transitions from track to track. However, the M3 USB audio playback interrupts this and puts a very annoying interruption between tracks. As I say, it's very annoying and unworthy of Tesla. Fixing this should be one of the simpler things your software engineers ever did. If I had a Tesla SDK I would think a few hours max. Tesla is not alone. On my home computer the playback software I was using - VLC - does the same thing - interrupts the seamless music. After some online research I found 'foobar 2000' which performs as expected. Please consider this request for improvement. I really look forward to enjoying some live DMB uninterrupted on the way home when the working day is done. Thanks in advance.

Frank99 | March 9, 2020

Right now, the only way you can do this is to rip your CD as a single track. I did that for Dark Side of the Moon and a few other albums that need to be gapless.

There are so many things wrong with USB music playback that I would extend your request to say "I'd really like Tesla to assign a software engineer to MP3 playback who listens to music from Flash drives and enjoys albums, and let them build a player that's at least on par with the $19 MP3 players I can buy on Amazon". | March 9, 2020

I made this request back in 2013! So far it's garnered some interest, but not a whole lot. You can add your vote here:

doseeric | March 9, 2020

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sleeper service | March 10, 2020

What I would like to see is retention of the music playback settings between car restarts. | March 10, 2020

@sleeper service - I've never had any problems with playback setting retention, including source, random play, song selection, equalizer, volume, etc. Is there some specific setting you're finding is not remembered? What car and year?

sleeper service | March 10, 2020

Once in a while the music resumes with all the previous settings for the USB source - but mostly I have to re-enter them. | March 10, 2020

Odd. Mine always resumes where it left off. I'm using MCU1. Are you using MCU1 or 2? Some high-usage vehicles have had issues with MCU1 acting wacky.

sleeper service | March 10, 2020

I have an M3 SR+ purchased 6 April 2019 with FSD and 2.5 hw.

tew ms us | March 10, 2020

@sleeper, @Tesla Tap
I have the same USB retention problem. I use a WD passport drive that must spin up. The dash cam partition picks up fine, but I've wondered if the USB music player gives up when the USB port isn't immediately available. | March 10, 2020

Ok, I'm using MCU1, and @sleeper, you must have MCU2. There are likely some software differences below the surface that may be contributing to your issues. Hopefully, Tesla will solve them soon.

@tew - The slow hard drive bootup might explain it. I use a fast micro SD drive.

EVRider | March 11, 2020

@TeslaTap: I don't lose USB playback settings from one trip to the next, but playback doesn't usually resume each time I get in the car. It usually does resume if Sentry Mode has been on but not otherwise, so I assume Sentry Mode keeps the USB system "active" (I'm using separate drives for media and video, not two partitions on the same drive). When music does not resume, sometimes the car reloads the USB, sometimes not.

This happens on both our Model S and Model 3. Used to happen on my previous Model S too. At least the loading errors during playback have become a rare occurrence.